Happy New Year!!

December 31, 2007 Kyron No Comments

The birth of a new year and a new blog! I am certain if you are like me you have mixed emotions over all that has transpired over the past year – some good, some bad, much struggle and strife, some milestones, some things you’d just as soon forget!

Well today as we get ready to ring a new year, I am “giving birth” to a new blog. I’m sure you’re like oh have mercy it’s the birthing analogy but I find it interesting how starting this blog has it’s similarities to what I realized I was going to deal with when I found out Katherine had special needs. OH DEAR LORD – Please help me! It’s a whole different world with a whole different language. You have little idea of what you are getting yourself into – with no definitive guidebook or roadmap for what to do next. Oh I know you can say that of giving birth to any child but as you well know if you’ve got a special needs child of your own…it’s really NOT that similar and it is one of the most deeply terrifying feelings ever. It’s winding up in a foreign land as Welcome to Holland by Emily Perl Kingsley so well illustrates. (For those of you who’ve never seen it you can check it out at the Our Kids website Archives) Maybe your child’s needs didn’t become apparent until they were a bit older. Talk about taking a sharp left turn. Kind of like a college music major picking up computers and writing – either way you get the idea.

My hope for this blog is not much different than my hope for either of my children. That I will raise it, grow it to be a real resource for parents of kids – whether those children were just born or are well on their way to adulthood, who have any number of special needs. I know this blog won’t be all things to all people – it can’t possibly be. I do believe that utilizing my personal experiences and information gathered over 16 years of rearing a physically and mentally disabled child, I can give other moms or dads information that speaks to them and to their situation. Maybe a review of a book or a retelling of one of many IEP meetings will give you a place to go – or a place to avoid! icon smile Happy New Year!! Hopefully you will all join me in the journey.

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