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The New Special Parent

January 30, 2008 Kyron 2 Comments

I have received dozens of emails from parents who are new to this whole experience of being a special needs parent. They are desperately seeking information, validation and the knowledge that they are not alone. My experience says for every one of you that gathered up the strength to write me, there’s dozens and dozens …

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Things Not to Say from ‘My New Normal’

January 29, 2008 Kyron 3 Comments

I’ve recently stumbled upon the blog, My New Normal (http://mynewnormal.blogspot.com) written by a mommy with a special flair for bold honesty which I appreciate so very much. While she is the mommy of a beautiful 3 year old daughter and I am a mommy of a beautiful 16 year old daughter both with significantly different …

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The Incredible Trainable Dog

January 28, 2008 Kyron 1 Comment

Growing up I was fascinated by Helen Keller. I read EVERYTHING I could get my hands on about her. I wanted to know all I could about her. I wanted to understand what it was to be blind. I wanted to understand what it was to be deaf. I read all I could about being …

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8 hour meals….(*apologies to Rachael Ray) 5 Bean Chili Edition

January 27, 2008 Kyron No Comments

As the parent of a special needs child I am frequently out and on the road at doctors appointments, IEP meetings and after school special activities. Rachael Ray may be the queen of the 30 minute meal – I’ve become the queen of the 8 hour meal! The crock pot is my hero! I throw …

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The Sunday Paper for January 27, 2008…

January 27, 2008 Kyron No Comments

….and a cup of coffee Every Sunday I hope to offer you my version of the Sunday paper with articles from the past week or two, relevant or uplifitng (or both), on various issues within the special needs community. Virtual world teaches real world skills Utilizing an online gaming virtual world, teens and adults with …

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The Power of Positive

January 26, 2008 Kyron No Comments

The other day I showed you the chart we have with Katherine (the smiley face one) that charts certain tasks. We have used charts like that on and off for quite some time with Katherine. We learned about them when Katherine was getting ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapy. Over simplified ABA therapy behavior modification technique …

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Pity Party moments

January 25, 2008 Kyron No Comments

Ever woke up and just wanted to stay in bed and have a pity party for lil ole you? Ok well maybe I’m not as spunky as all of you but I do wake up and have days like that. Today was one of those days. I just felt overwhelmed. Ok that’s not quite true …

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