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January 4, 2008 Kyron No Comments

Yesterday the beginning of the 2008 Presidential Primary season started with the Iowa Caucus. Whether you consider yourself Democrat or Republican, Liberal, Conservative or Moderate is really immaterial. I hope you believe as I do it’s a privilege to be able to use the power of a vote to express your personal beliefs and influence the course of our nation, state and even local municipality.

aapdlogo With the Morning Coffee.....While I have several issues that are close to my heart, one in particular is stands out above the rest – disability issues. I try to get a broad cross section of information but consistently I find that my best source of information is the AAPD – American Association of People with Disabilities .

What I like about them is they are non-partisan. Their purpose is strictly to be a comprehensive clearinghouse for disability-related news and information. They have a section dedicated to the 2008 Presidential Elections. The AAPD in conjunction with ADAPT, NCIL, and SABE has sent out questionnaires to all the candidates and are posting the responses as they are received.

If disability issues are as critical to you I urge you to check out the information available. If you want to exercise your rights further by contacting your representatives a great site for locating them is VoteSmart. It has an easy tool to locate your representatives by entering your zipcode + 4.

What issues within the disability arena are important to you? Early Intervention? Special Education and No Child Left Behind? ADA Restoration Act? Employment, Money Follows the Person? SSI? Tell us! And don’t forget to tell the candidates with the power of your vote!

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