Extreme Makeover Home Edition features Family with Autistic Sons

January 6, 2008 Kyron No Comments

Extreme Makeover Home Edition (ABC TV Sunday 8pm ET)

ray smith home Extreme Makeover Home Edition features Family with Autistic SonsWell in general I love this show. As I’ve mentioned before I am pretty optimistic and it just hits a spot in my heart every time. My husband probably thinks it’s totally hokey but I cry at just about every reveal. Every single show reminds me how blessed we are as a family that we have a home that is safe and sound for both our children and provides us with wonderful shelter the likes of which so many people are lacking – in this country no less.

Tonight’s episode made me weepier than normal. They featured the Ray-Smith Family. This family has has one child who has already been diagnosed with autism and the youngest child is being evaluated. It just means so much to me to see mainstream shows feature these brave parents of special needs children so that others can realize they are just like you or me. I also love any opportunity that gives the viewers even the smallest glimpse into the variety of issues we special parents face.

I sure felt for them and their struggle to do the best they could for their children. It made me flinch a bit because I could relate so readily to fighting and struggling to get everything I can for Katherine.

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