Control in a World Full of Anxiety

January 12, 2008 Kyron No Comments

I belong to a yahoo group for parents of bipolar children. It’s been an incredible source of strength to me over the past few years. I have been following one woman and her journey in particular. Her ride makes mine look like a Sunday drive in the country. She and I had communicated regarding anxiety recently. Today she shared some of what she’d figured out recently.

She talked about the anxiety she has been feeling and how it’s a symptom of the lack of control in her life. Lord knows, having someone in your house with uncontrolled mental illness is to know TOTAL lack of control. We call Katherine the light switch – one minute she’s on, the next she’s off. Sometimes that cycle is 40 times a day, more recently only a few times a week.

I think that’s why I am such a control freak in other areas of my life. Those of you who have been visiting since the blog’s inception will know that this is blog look #3. I think I’ve found the one I’m in love with. And yes, I rearrange furniture, closets and cabinets too.

Anyone who knows me knows I inherited my father’s genes. I love him to pieces but neat – he’s NOT. I have truly found recently the cleaner my home is, and the less clutter there is the more it reduces my stress and adds to my feeling of calm. My husband will love to hear this icon wink Control in a World Full of Anxiety I’ll never be as neat and clean as he is – but I can reach for the stars!

This is where I thought I’d introduce you to a blog I LOVE as I feel like I learn thingsofficesupplies Control in a World Full of Anxiety about feeding this sense of calm. Unclutterer. This site is all about organizing and de-cluttering your life. I’ll admit, some of it I’ll never use – the style is TOO minimalist, but I consistently pick up tips I can use. I think my favorite day of the week is Wednesday when they come out with Unitasker – which is a poke at all the single use items that clutter up our homes. Gives me a laugh because inevitably they come up with things I have sitting in a cupboard. icon smile Control in a World Full of Anxiety

Maybe they can add to your sense of control and calm. What do you do to add to your control and calm in a world controlled by being a special parent?

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