Angela – mother of Special Needs Child GOES TO HOLLYWOOD!!

January 15, 2008 Kyron 2 Comments

A music major in college, I had dreams of fame as a young woman. Yes, I sang into a hairbrush to a blaring LP coming out of my Yorx stereo as a youngster – WHERE was American Idol when I was younger?! Oh who am I kidding. I have a great voice for the church choir and maybe the occasional solo – but one of those voices – nope, probably not. I think that is why I got this feeling that this year I am going to live vicariously through a beautiful young woman – Angela Martin.angela martin Angela   mother of Special Needs Child GOES TO HOLLYWOOD!!

Angela Martin, 26 of Chicago was on tonight’s American Idol season 7 opener. She is the mother of Jessica, a beautiful girl who has Rett’s Syndrome.

In the portrait American Idol did of Angela, she talks about how she’s doing this so she can hopefully do well enough to be able to better provide for Jessica. Angela wants to do this so she can get the therapies and treatments her daughter needs to give her the best shot possible. Jessica has already had surgical interventions, and very obviously gets therapy, schooling and other treatments. Just from the segment on tonight’s season opener of Idol, it’s obvious that Angela and Jessica have a fantastic network of family and friends who love them and nurture Jessica as their own. It was apparent to me Angela loves Jessica and wants all she can get for Jessica much in the same way I do Katherine.

I think what I love most about this story however is that as much as I believe that Angela truly wants to do everything she can to put herself in a position to provide everything she can for Jessica, I think she’s also living out a dream. She sings in a band currently and I bet she has always harbored this dream – no matter how much she buried it when she became a mom and then had to face the drastic changes that Rett’s brought to Jessica’s life.

GOOD FOR ANGELA MARTIN – I think too often parents, especially parents of special needs children put all of our own personal needs aside to do what is necessary for our children. It’s a risky proposition though. Not taking care of ourselves and giving ourselves the opportunities to chase those dreams is a mistake. Having our only identity being mom or dad and our lives consumed by what is easily an all consuming job will burn you out. I would argue taking care of yourself, taking time to foster a talent, a dream or yearning will make us all better parents. Here is Angela Martin. What a very lucky little girl Jessica is to have her as a mom! How lucky I feel she made it to Hollywood!

Even better she actually has talent – I hope we all as special needs parents can root her on and VOTE her on – to victory! I’ll be tuning in for sure! I hope you’ll join me!

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  1. Keith Vautherot says:

    I lost a niece from this syndrome. Tara lives in our hearts and minds every day, her parents Terry and Fay and her brother Tate have done so much. in her memory…I support this young woman and her daughter. Good for her…and I hope she continues to press for the awareness of this disorder that only affects our young girls.

  2. Kyron says:


    Thank you for sharing this story with us. I too hope that Angela continues to succeed on AI and continues to bring awareness to this dreadful syndrome that needs more attention as well as attention to the needs of our special kids in general!

    I hope you’ll continue to visit and share this site with others Keith.


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