22 Ways to Tell Your Child “I Love You”

January 18, 2008 Kyron No Comments

I got this from Parenting Special Needs at About.com It is by Terri Mauro who is the mother of two special needs children adopted from Russia. I think it’s great for parents of ALL children to remember no matter how busy the day gets, we need to stop and remember to not only “say” the words but show them. Children learn by actions.

It’s especially important on the days where you’ve…:

  • got 43 things that still need to be done before dinner
  • Had it out with the IEP team
  • Fought with the insurance company about _______(fill in the blank)
  • Given up on the behavior intervention plan because it’s not intervening
  • Driven 150 miles to doctors and had nothing but caffeine to keep you going
  • Not slept in 36 hours because your watching to make sure there are no more seizures
  • Had a fight with your spouse about _____(fill in the blank) which has just made you snippy

…And you might otherwise forget.

You can find the full text at her site by clicking here. Here are my 10 favorites! I hope you’ll find them worthwhile enough to pay her site a visit.

1. Spend a little time each day playing entirely at your child’s direction.
2. Cuddle up under a blanket and watch what she wants to watch on TV.
3. Exchange nose-to-nose Eskimo kisses.
4. Send an encouraging note with your child’s lunch.
5. Take a long walk together, at your child’s pace.
6. Read the funny pages together.
7. Use magnetic letters to put loving messages on the fridge.
8. Send your child a card in the mail, with stickers or a treat inside.
9. Stick an encouraging note on your child’s mirror as she sleeps.
10. Develop a secret gesture only the two of you know the meaning of.

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