Tricky Terminology and Abbreviations

January 24, 2008 Kyron 5 Comments

Some of you are pretty new to being involved in the crazy maze of special needs parenting. When I first had my daughter Katherine and needed to understand medical terminology, I had a small hand up because I was an Emergency Medical Technician. This meant that I had some basic understanding of medical terminology, anatomy and first aid procedures. It came in handy. Not everyone is quite that fortunate. However by the time we got into physical therapy, occupational therapy and later on schooling, I was lost for quite some time. I used to joke that someone should have given me a dictionary to decipher all the alphabet soup that was being used to tell me things. Things I wanted to understand and needed to understand.

As I was researching information for an upcoming post, I stumbled upon that very resource.dictionary Tricky Terminology and Abbreviations I’m pleased to announce that I have received permission from the source to repost The Dictionary for Parents of Children with Disabilities for your use. Special thanks go out to the South Dakota Department of Education/Special Education Programs who originally developed this resource for their kind permission to share this extensive resource with all my readers and the Sanford School of Medicine Center for Disabilities at the University of South Dakota who is in the process of updating it! The pdf requires that you have adobe reader to look at the file. This program is free at the Adobe website

Hopefully this tool will be valuable to you in navigating the maze and all it’s tricky terminology

The Dictionary for Parents of Children with Disabilities

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  2. Deana says:

    awesome! thanks!

  3. Kyron says:

    Thanks ladies!! Glad that you found it useful! Even happier that South Dakota Department of Education granted me the right to republish for everyone’s use!


  4. Xiomara Armas says:

    Do you know if this dictionary is available in spanish? Thanks in advance.

  5. Kyron says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t know if it’s available in Spanish. I will certainly look and see.


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