The Sunday Paper for January 27, 2008…

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….and a cup of coffee

Every Sunday I hope to offer you my version of the Sunday paper with articles from the past week or two, relevant or uplifitng (or both), on various issues within the special needscoffeepaper1 The Sunday Paper for January 27, 2008... community.

Virtual world teaches real world skills

Utilizing an online gaming virtual world, teens and adults with Aspergers’ practice socializing skills. The pros and cons to this approach of learning socialization.

‘Underdiagnosed’ Girls with Autism
Are girls not getting diagnosed and into intervention services? Why is autism more difficult to diagnose in girls than boys? This Nightline story delves into why boys are far more likely to be diagnosed early and girls are being missed.

Women start writing group for moms of special needs kids
Two women in East Central Indiana form writing group as support system for other moms of special needs children.

Breaking new ground on the airwaves
Jerusalem radio station broadcasts monthly show run by developmentally disabled individuals.

Music Therapy helps special needs students
Research in New Zealand helps show music can be used successfully to meat therapeutic goals, social and cognitive development.

Special needs children find peers and fun at center

Western Massachusetts children are being well served at a community center where they are learning valuable skills as well as having fun

Burn victim seeking return to family, special needs kids

Jim Tindell was burned during the wildfires trying to save horses that provide therapy to special needs children. After a long recovery and rehabilitation he looks forward to returning to his family and the special children who benefit from this therapy.

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