The Best Super Bowl Ever!

February 1, 2008 Kyron 2 Comments

I must confess, I’m holding my first ever Super Bowl Party. I’ve attended plenty of them,Superbowl XLII logo The Best Super Bowl Ever! but never held one. First, because I can count on one hand how many times my team has been in the Super Bowl and secondly, since I’ve had Katherine that type of thing has just seemed like it would be too much for her to handle. I came up with a way to do it however which will make it reasonable for all involved.

We are only inviting 4 people and everybody is bringing something. I know it seems ridiculous that I’m calling that a party but it will be for me!! Not only will my beloved Giants be in the game but I get to watch it with Katherine!! I can still remember being with Auntie Joan teasing Katherine how to say TOUCHDOWN while watching the University of Michigan play in the Rose Bowl under Bo! Contrary to what you are thinking – I am not a huge sports fanatic or even a huge football fan but I do follow it. However, I grew up with two things – Star Trek and the Giants – and I will forever be loyal.

Even more exciting however is the Pepsi ad (yes I also happen to be a Pepsi girl living in the land of Coke) that will be airing during the Super Bowl. It’s by a group of Pepsi employees who are part of a group called EnAble which is dedicated to creating a more inclusive environment for people with different abilities. They have taken a joke described as a typical deaf joke (my step-sister says this is correct) and made a commercial about it. I laughed my proverbial A** off watching it. Proves no matter what the different ability we ALL have a great sense of humor.

While I was sent the link to it on YouTube I’ll give you the easier link into the Pepsi Site (just click here). Better yet, after you’ve viewed the commercial and the behind the scenes video click here and tell Pepsi thanks for showing people of different abilities in their ads and how we hope they will continue this trend and represent others of different abilities within their advertising.

No matter the outcome this will already be the best Super Bowl Ever!!!

And for those of you who are fans of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy you’ll understand it was numerically destined to be!!

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  1. howard davies says:

    send your comments and thanks to Becky Madeira at Pepsi ‘s PR department:

    (I work with them and briefly met the actors last week at Pepsi – great people!)

  2. Kyron says:


    thanks so much for stopping by to share! I’ll be sure to drop Ms. Madeira a note to thank her personally!


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