Post Super Bowl Party Wrap-Up: The importance of a game plan

February 4, 2008 Kyron No Comments

We woke up on Sunday morning with a weather forecast predicting sunny warm weather for Super Bowl festivities. Unfortunately for me, the meteorologist wasn’t talking about the arctic freeze that had just moved through our bedroom producing gale force winds, rough seas and travel advisories.

Katherine has had a pretty smooth patch of recent. The behavior plans for day to day activities have been helping dramatically. While we’ve had some mid-level blowouts, overall things have been so manageable it’s been a pleasure to be around her. This euphoria about her overall status was enough to make me forget that by changing the day to day status quo I was inevitably going to throw her for a loop. As excited as she was about the party, change from the status quo was stressing her out and apparently in a major way.
superbowl plan Post Super Bowl Party Wrap Up: The importance of a game plan
Of course meant that if we were going to win the game today, this coach better change her game day strategy to account for the rough weather that was inevitably going to show itself at game time. I needed a game day Behavior Intervention Plan that catered to her strengths and anticipated her weaknesses and allowed other players to support her during those times.

Everyone who was coming to the party is acutely familiar with our family and the particulars involved with Katherine. That was part of the reason I felt safe enough to do this little shindig in the first place. So I enlisted assistance from each of them for parts of the plan but mostly I enlisted Katherine. I was the coach and had the task of coming up with the game plan. I made Katherine the quarterback of our team. She was going to try to score touchdowns and win the game for us. Other people were going to be parts of our offensive team and others would be part of the defensive team. The most important part of our success was going to be Katherine’s understanding of the game plan and her part in it.

I broke the afternoon into 30 minute segments which gave Katherine manageable time segments which wouldn’t overwhelm her. I anticipated where we were going to get the most resistance (bedtime, shower or any other time which would require her to separate from the party) and planned accordingly. As always I put it all on paper so Katherine would have a visual representation of what was planned and her part in making us the winning team at this game. Every 30 minute segment in which she achieved success in her task (appropriate behaviors as well as any specific task that needed to be done) I gave Katherine a “Touchdown Token”.  At the end she was able to turn those tokens in for an early reward of getting her cd player back that she had lost in this past Friday night’s outburst.

Not unlike my beloved Giants we too were the underdogs in this game. However by making the right passes and hail mary catches at the appropriate places (and let’s face it, a whole lotta faith) we were VICTORIOUS last night. The plan worked like a charm. Katherine was totally engaged in the concept and went to the finish line in the understated manner of Eli Manning. Katherine was our MVP of last night’s game and better yet, she had won the Super Bowl! I knew it was a night for miracles icon smile Post Super Bowl Party Wrap Up: The importance of a game plan

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