Presidents’ Day

February 12, 2008 Kyron No Comments

Funny how a holiday originally intending to honor our first president has become synonymous with 3 day sales and week long vacations from school. For me it’s permissionwashington Presidents’ Day to panic for the first time of the new calendar year. There’s no school and it’s not just for one day – it’s for a whole bloomin’ week!!!

Parents everywhere know what I’m talking about. It’s not that your not happy to have Sally, Jim or Bobby home with you it’s just all that it encompasses. For some parents it encompasses arranging for child care. Others may be fortunate to take the week off of work and go off on vacation. I’m guessing there are a whole bunch of you who are like me however who are preparing to panic. Yup it’s the panicky group which has to have a week’s worth of ideas and activities ready to answer the “Mom, I’m bored” and “Mom, there’s nothing to do” pleas coming from our charming offspring. It’s times like these where I send up an apology to my mother for all the crap I gave her icon wink Presidents’ Day

I plan for a different reason. I plan because if you take my kid who needs structure and pull her OUT of that structure for an entire week, what might have been “fun” on Monday will be HELL by Friday. It is for this reason that I start planning now so that I have a pretty good schedule in place by Monday for the week ahead. I try to some degree follow the schedule she’d follow at school but it’s not entirely realistic. Katherine isn’t any more interested in working on her math on her week off than I am but we do try to do “x” amount of time for this activity and “y” amount of time for lunch and on Wednesday we go into the community like she would at school and work on skills there.

For us, what seems to have been most important is to give Katherine visuals – yup there it is again – visuals. As with most things 30-45 minute increments work well for us. Some of our schedule is dictated nowadays by the fact that afternoons require us to accommodate Donovan’s nap schedule. Even that works to our advantage however. Katherine hates to admit when she’s worn out so we can blame needing quiet time/rest time on the fact that Donovan needs it and needs us to be quiet. (Most days, the fact is that MOM needs the rest!!)

Since I don’t want to spend a small fortune to make it through the week either, I try to come up with some ideas of things we can do at home or in the community that cater to interests of Katherine’s (but won’t bore the heck out of her brother) Maybe these are ideas you can use….maybe you have some ideas we can use. Give us some ideas of things you do to entertain during winter break.

  • Making a special breakfast instead of cereal (eggs, pancakes, french toast)
  • Playdoh/clay creations
  • “obstacle” courses in the backyard
  • Going out to “visit” the horses
  • Playground trip
  • Nature walk through the neighborhood
  • Create a book – come up with a story, illustrate it, write/type it, put it together on construction paper and punch holes in the construction paper and tie the “book together
  • Make homemade cards in advance for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays for grandparents, aunts, uncles etc.
  • Have an indoor picnic
  • Movie afternoon – popcorn and a dvd in the living room
  • Choose a dinner and help mom make it
  • Read a longer book – Narnia series or other chapter books

Your ideas?

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