Angela – mother of Special Needs Child leaves Hollywood

February 13, 2008 Kyron No Comments

Well maybe it’s the cold front that has hit Atlanta this morning or maybe it’s last night’s American Idol making me feel so miserable. My girl Angela Martin was sent home. Wangela martin2 Angela   mother of Special Needs Child leaves Hollywoodhile I didn’t think she was the best, I have to tell ya, I sure thought she was way better than several they DID put through last night. Certainly, she’s seen her fair share of disappointment and given the very recent death of her father, it probably had far less impact on her than it might have otherwise. She was a true professional in her reaction to the news.

I hope she does continue to try. I hope that she continues to be a strong role model to her daughter. I wish her peace in dealing with the passing of her father. I’m guessing it’s not the last we’ll hear from Ms. Martin.

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