We can all use a Helping Hand

February 15, 2008 Kyron No Comments

Today’s post is thanks to Johanna again (Educate because fear… ) She turned me on to a fascinating website/resource.

Lotsa Helping Hands  is an ingenious concept (I’m pretty much annoyed I didn’t come up with it myself!) which allows a group however distinct (think church, school, etc) or as diverse (think bringing friends and family from a variety of sectors – church, school, work, neighborhood) to assist someone (individual or family) in need.

This would be great for a group trying to support a family during a particular crisis or even for a caregiver needing a break. It allows people to be designated as coordinators and then others to log in and take accountability for different activities (cooking, cleaning, chauffeur services, babysitting and on and on). It puts everything in one concise location and allows people to see what is taken care of and what still needs addressing.

I can think of any number of situations this would have been a Godsend for us (ok, if I were better at accepting help – which is the topic of a whole other post). Even in some recent crises scheduling friends and family to assist became unwieldy. While I was happy for the help, keeping track of who was coming to help with what was another job I honestly just didn’t need at that point (because then what is the point of getting the help in the first place?!)

I can also think of times when my church was trying to organize assistance for a church member needing specific assistance and that maybe the church secretary would like not to be on top of that as well (since it really isn’t part of her job description) and this might be the perfect tool for them as well (yup, I’ll be emailing them about it as well!)

If this sounds like something you could benefit from you can check it out here. YES – this resource is FREE and better yet it’s free but without a bunch of popup ads or other such distractions. Pretty cool in this day and age.

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