Extreme Makeover Home Edition – The Hughes Family of Louisville, Kentucky

February 18, 2008 Kyron 12 Comments

Well last night’s story on Extreme Makeover Home Edition was out of Louisville, Kentucky. It featured the Hughes Family. The eldest child in the Hughes family is an amazing young man named Patrick Henry Hughes. Patrick Henry was born with what the doctor labeled as multiple anomalies – he was born without eyes and his limbs (arms and legs) do not extend the way they should. Because of this Patrick Henry uses a wheelchair to get around.

Patrick Henry’s father Patrick John chose to take a night shift job in order to be able to stay at home during the day to care for him. Patrick John knew that they would not do the “typical” father/son things like sports and wanted to make sure that they had a special way of bonding together and introduced Patrick Henry to the piano. He showed a real affinity for music.

As he has grown he has excelled at the piano and has also added playing the trumpet and plays with the University’s Marching Band. Patrick Henry plays the trumpet while his father, Patrick John moves him around in his chair learning all the steps to the routines the marching band does. As a veteran marching band member, knowing the time and energy that activity takes, I marveled at the devotion of this father to his son.

Although Patrick John seems to worry that because he’s had a problem providing a better physical location for his son to live that he’s somehow fallen short as a father I can assure him he’s a hero in my eyes. The commitment that Patrick John has to his son and providing him the most normal existence possible is incredibly inspiring. Anyone who grows up to be a young man with such incredible insight into the world and such a positive outlook on life must have phenomenal parents.

Now they get to the house which is a nice enough house except for the fact that it’s completely unfriendly to Patrick Henry. It is not at all handicapped accessible and as he has grown it has impeded any ability for independence and grown increasingly difficult for his parents to assist him as well. He was truly a prisoner in that home.

Of course you know they now get sent on vacation while a house gets demolished and a new one goes up inHughes Family Extreme Makeover Home Edition   The Hughes Family of Louisville, Kentucky what seems like movie magic 7 days. And of course it’s an amazing beautiful house furnished in grand measure by Sears and in this episode one of my favorite furniture stores – Havertys.

The house is a very open design as to facilitate Patrick Henry’s movement throughout. I think what I loved about this week’s design is how it designed with an “apartment” recognizing Patrick Henry’s need for additional independence. I also loved how all he has to do it get to the door and say open door and it opens – very star trek icon wink Extreme Makeover Home Edition   The Hughes Family of Louisville, Kentucky The zero entry shower and accessible sinks, stoves, and other features are fantastic as well. Of course every musician and composer needs their own in home recording studio so they set him up with one of those as well icon wink Extreme Makeover Home Edition   The Hughes Family of Louisville, Kentucky

This episode really touched me as I’m going to have to be looking at increasing Katherine’s independence over the next several years and the whole apartment idea seems like a pretty interesting idea. Obviously there are different needs but the whole idea of giving her independence while being nearby obviously isn’t new but gave me inspiration for her future as well as Patrick Henry’s!

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  1. yvonne says:

    I would like to know what the name of the beautiful song that patrick singed at the end of the show. I just love that he has additude on life that I wish I could have.


  2. krystal says:

    the song was called “I believe” it was originally by Brooks and Dunn, but Patrick Henry was amazing

  3. Kyron says:

    That was an awesome rendition of that song. Thanks Krystal for answering that question. I knew I recognized the song from somewhere but hadn’t figured it out yet.

    Welcome to you both!

  4. Pauline says:

    I am not sure if you can answer my question or not but, I loved the bedding in the master BR. Did it come from Sears or Haverty’s? I have looked @ other sites but could not find anything regarding that. Thank you in advance for your time.


  5. Kyron says:

    I TOTALLY understand – it was an amazing set!! The Extreme Makeover Home Edition site at ABC lists a number of vendors that made the Hughes makeover possible. I don’t see something that specifically singles out Sears but Haverty’s is a furniture maker/store not a seller of bedspreads, comforters etc. So I would think it was either a Sears thing or maybe Bed Bath and Beyond although I’ve seen nothing like it on either of their respective websites.

    Is the link to the ABC website with all the listings of those that contributed to the Hughes build.


  6. Stephen D Kady says:

    After watching Patrick Hughes play and sing, I was really taken by his talent.

    I think he would be a “natural” to perform with Ronnie Milsap. I contacted Milsap’s booking agent Tony Conway. He said that the show had called, but never called back. He had not seen Patrick.

    May I urge you to contact him (Tconway@blanash.com) and let’s see if we can get something going.

    Milsap would make a perfect mentor for Patrick. To have both of them on stage, I know the crowd would love them.


    Steve Kady



  7. Kyron says:


    I’ll be contacting Mr. Conway myself. I think you’re on to something here. I hope others will follow my lead. What a phenomenal opportunity that would be for Patrick.

    Glad to have you here!

  8. Jane says:

    It would be neat to have links in your article to the Sears and Havertys websites that showed the furniture pieces that went in the house. Or maybe those sites should should have a page that lists them.

  9. David says:

    when can we purchase a cd of John P. Henry and where?
    the best show ever

  10. Kyron says:

    http://www.patrickhenryhughes.com/MUSIC.html is where you can buy music from Patrick Henry Hughes. Hope this helps!!


  11. Kyron says:


    I think that’s a great idea! Unfortunately from what I can tell while EMHE lists vendors it does not link directly to the items they utilized in any particular build. I’m guessing it would be overwhelming to do that however you can get a headstart by checking out the ‘As Featured On’ link on the left hand side at http://abc.go.com/primetime/xtremehome/ each episode in each season is listed. Hopefully that will help. :)


  12. Heather says:

    Wow! What an inspiration Patrick Henry is. I love his outlook on life. If we could all think the way he does and truely “see” the beauty of the world, it would be such a better place.

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