Attitude is Everything – Disability Awareness Month Indiana

March 1, 2008 Kyron 4 Comments

DAMIN Attitude is Everything   Disability Awareness Month Indiana

I found this article while getting ready to do the Sunday paper for tomorrow and said wow I wonder when there is a nationwide Disability Awareness month….maybe this is for everyone! Uh, then again…maybe not. Only Indiana home of the Hoosiers gets to have this great month in March. Seems that the rest of us have to wait until October and technically that is ‘Disability Employment Awareness Month’ – oh well maybe I’ll just hope that Indiana’s Governor Mitch Daniels doesn’t mind if I celebrate along with him.

This year the Indianapolis Colts are sponsoring the campaign materials which will help communities plan various activities. Topics range from planning art contests to increasing ADA awareness within businesses. Hopefully these forums will echo the positive slogan of ‘Attitude is Everything’ for this years Disability Awareness Month. The message goes further to say


When you champion a winning attitude for yourself and your team, you can achieve anything.

What an amazing message to send to our young people able and disabled alike. What an amazing and important message for each of us to take to heart as well.

The Indiana Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities is the sponsor of this event and they state they are an independent state agency that facilitates change. I love the fact that in the state of Indiana individuals with disabilities are the largest minority block in the state – a whopping 17%!! Think about that number and what it might be in your state….at 17% that’s just shy of 1 in 6 individuals have a disability in the State of Indiana. Numbers like that should give the disability community some real power.

Nationally the number of individuals with disabilities in this country is even higherCensus Bureau Data on Disability, 2000 Brief on Disability Status says that 19.3% or almost 1 in 5 have some type of long lasting condition or disability. Keep in mind that those figures DO NOT include children under 5 or people in institutions – I would be willing to wager that this would put that number solidly over the 20% line.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about a 2006 census gives us demographics by race which show just how strong that block could be.


  • Hispanic/Latino (2006) 14.8%
  • African Americans (2006) 13.4%
  • Asian (2006) 4.4%
  • Other race (2006) 6.3%
  • Two or more races (2006) 2.0%

That number is so exciting because to me that represents power a significant voting block that can utilize that number to affect real positive change – just like that slogan – a winning attitude for yourself and your team and you can achieve anything.

We still have so very much to achieve so championing that cause must be something all 17% of the State of Indiana must do as well as the 19.3% of us nationwide. Advocacy is important for all individuals with disabilities as there is much to accomplish to gain further rights for our children. We have the power as a group to team up and accomplish that and more. Disability Awareness Month might just be the right time to go about it. After all I think we have the right attitude – and Attitude is Everything! GO TEAM! icon smile Attitude is Everything   Disability Awareness Month Indiana

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  1. Heidi J. Moore says:

    I am so proud of my “Boilermaker” state! I’m an Indiana native and Purdue graduate!

    It’s seems we may need to continue to help the State of Georgia on having a similar “attitude” and support developing a awareness campaign. Who’s with me on this?

    Education is the key to success for people with disabilities.

    Thanks Kyron for your hard work on making it easier for us to hear about what is going on all over the world! YOU are amazing!


    (Proud Mother of Jacob -8 yrs old with Down syndrome and Jared- 6 yrs old)

    “Help the Children Now- So They Can Help Themselves Later!”

  2. Kyron says:


    Glad to have you here!! Georgia definitely needs some help as do so many other states unfortunately. I’d love to see Disability Day (which is a day held in Georgia in February annually) is expanded in to a week or month!!

    So glad to have you around here! Welcome!


  3. Brian says:

    Kyron – What a great post. I couldn’t agree with you more on how the disability community could have a very large voice with the size.

    Where the numbers get even bigger is when you take the number of people with disabilities and add the people that care for them like you and me. 50M people with disabilites – 30 million pretty serious. You add the 50M to 60M that care for them and that is quite a big group. Close to 1/3 of the US that is really interested in these areas.

    The key is to be able to organize everyone as one voice

  4. Kyron says:


    Thanks so much! I couldn’t agree more with you. Your article at really is excellent (and makes excellent points along your comment above. I hope people will take the opportunity to read it!


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