The Boston Globe’s Beverly Beckham and the Ambassador against fear

March 3, 2008 Kyron 3 Comments

This is Jacob. He exudes charm in his tuxedo following a triumphant piano exposition atjacob The Boston Globes Beverly Beckham and the Ambassador against fear the Shriner’s telethon. In person he’s even more endearing than this picture could ever possibly portray.

I know Jacob’s mother. I feel strongly I can speak for her when I say that giving birth to Jacob was anything but a horror. I know this beautiful child brings incredible joy and happiness to their parents, extended family and friends.

There are hundreds of thousands of people reading a book called “How to Get Pregnant” who are getting that very wrong impression however. In the book published by Little Brown and Co. last August Dr. Sherman J. Silber writes in this “completely revised and updated” book:

“The biggest fear of most pregnant women is that their child will be abnormal, and the most common abnormality they worry about is Down syndrome. . . . These children are severely retarded mentally, and they usually die before their thirtieth birthday.”

He also writes: “We can prevent couples from having to face the horror of giving birth to children with otherwise devastating genetic defects such as Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, mental retardation, etc., that terrify every woman who ever gets pregnant.”

Beverly Beckham of the Boston Globe writes about this book
. I will let her article speak for me, as it is as eloquent as anything I could possibly write. Fortunately freedom of speech works both ways. We have an opportunity to counter what Dr. Silber says. PLEASE take the time to click here and read this story. I believe it will stir much raw emotion in you as well. It’s important that we counter improper information being given out by a person given ‘legitimacy’ because this Doctor has been on Oprah, Good Morning America and NPR to name a few from Beverly’s article. The best way to do this is read Beverly’s article so we can educate others about what ambassadors against fear Lucy and Jacob are!

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  1. Santa says:

    Yep! That MY buddy Jacob alright!

  2. Sara says:

    I love this picture of Jacob!!

  3. Kyron says:

    It’s one of my favorite pictures of Jacob as well!! Thanks for visiting!


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