Vaccine/Autism Debate reignited by Georgia legal case

March 6, 2008 Kyron 4 Comments

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that which is happening in my own backyard.  CNN among other major news outlets are covering the renewal of the autism/vaccine debate.

In a nutshell in this Georgia case, the federal government, in a what has been described by various legal experts as a narrowly worded statement, has conceded that vaccines a girl was given worsened a pre-existing mitochondrial disorder which led to autism spectrum symptoms. This concession by the federal government in this one case of course has re-sparked the vaccine/autism debate.

Some feel that this opens the door for others to be compensated by the vaccine injury fund. Others feel that the wording of this decision is such that it’s an “isolated finding” and unlikely to impact any future cases regarding autism and vaccines.

It’s a big enough story to even get Republican Presidential candidate John McCain stating there is strong evidence that the vaccines are linked to autism. If that’s not huge in favor of those who are desperately seeking compensation for their child, surely this case is going to give new hope to thousands and thousands of families.

I don’t pretend to begin to have the answers. I can tell you I know what it is to firmly believe you know what irreparably harmed your child and being unable to have it stand up in a court of law. To feel as if you can not exact some justice for your precious child is a pain no one should suffer.

The hope for me is that the debate isn’t over. Nothing ever suffered from debate. Debate will spawn further research which in turn can only benefit all of our children and our children’s children. With the increase in autism cases reaching epic proportions this can only benefit us all.

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  1. In addition to vaccines older paternal age at conception is repeatedly found in the autobiographies of autistic children. This article posted by the editor of the Simons Foundation which funds multi million dollar autism research is a must read: http://www.simonsfoundation.or.....utism-risk
    “Children of fathers aged 40 or older are nearly six times more likely to have autism.”

  2. Kyron says:


    Thanks so much for that link! It’s one I had not seen before. Welcome to the Special Parent. I would encourage others to check out the information available at Leslie’s Blog by clicking on her name above.


  3. PECS Cards says:

    As a father of two ASD boys, I really appreciate your blog and the information you post!

  4. mays5 says:

    More research definitely needs to be done on this as the rates of children diagnosed with autism continue to increase. From what I’ve read, it does seem very possible that something in the vaccines may trigger the onset of autism is someone genetically predisposed to it. There is actually an excellent debate on this topic at Experts from both sides debate the issue…really interesting read on the subject!

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