The mess in New York brings new light to the man in second place

March 11, 2008 Kyron No Comments

Ok, I may be a Georgian at heart now but by birth I am a Jersey girl (yup I grew up just north of the Bada Bing) so I’m following with interest what is currently going on in New York State. Oh obviously the fact that a man once compared to Elliot Ness makes the downfall all that much more salacious – and disappointing but whatever. It’s really not what interests me about the whole thing. What interests me is David Paterson. Who?

Oh – sometimes this gentleman is better known by his official title – Lieutenant Governor David Paterson of the great state of New York. With discussion about impeachment and/or resignation obviously people are starting to look at who might be running the state in Governor Spitzer’s place.

As a person with an obvious interest in someone who might be empathetic or better yet sympathetic to disability issues the Lt. Governor is certainly a person to be watched. Elected in 2006, Lt. Governor Paterson is no stranger to politics. His father was a Secretary of State in New York and vice-chair of the national Democratic Party. The Lt. Governor first served as a state senator representing Harlem. Did I mention that the Lt. Governor is legally blind?

According to what I read he’s pretty well respected on both sides of the political aisle. I also read that he’s a leading advocate for both visual as well as physical disabilities. Seems to me that at the very least however he’s a real-life role model for kids – and adults alike. He certainly does not appear to have ever made anything of his disability in public life and critics as well as supporters tend to speak of his intellect, compassion and humor, not any disability. Heck – when do you hear of a republican call a democrat “one of the most decent and honorable guys I’ve ever met”?

My hope is that with a reputation like that should he become Governor by some twist of fate that seems to already be in the works, that the people of New York benefit from not only his wisdom but his experience.

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