The post about nothing….kinda like Seinfeld and how entertaining was that?

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This is one of those weeks in the life of Katherine that makes you wonder if you’ll make it to Friday. To be fair she has really had a good run of appropriate behaviors so the fact that this week is adding to her stress level really is no surprise. I do what I can to not over schedule Katherine because I know too much go just ends in problems. Some weeks it just doesn’t work out and we get what we’re having this week – chaos.

I believe you will all relate to this week from….Hades.

Katherine takes lithium. It’s made a huge difference in our ability to manage her and maintain her at home. I also like to think it makes such a difference to her because she’s not so up and down all the time. However, as with most of these drugs there is a price that may need to be paid. Seems like there isn’t a single medical treatment that isn’t a balancing act of pros and cons. Well the con on lithium is potential thyroid problems so of course we have them. We went to the endocrinologist (after a 3 month wait) and Katherine’s blood pressure was elevated and I’m not talking a little and she wasn’t nervous either.

It’s not the first time. We’ve been monitoring her blood pressure and it’s been going up and up little by little. Well the endocrinologist says call the cardiologist first thing in the morning. The cardiologist hears how high it was and calls in to the pharmacy to order blood pressure medication for my 16 year old. For the record she is not overweight by more than a few pounds (4-5) This is especially impressive given the fact that each of her meds have weight gain as a side effect. She does however have a family history of heart disease and a couple of valve prolapses so keeping an eye on that blood pressure is important. Then the Doctor tells me she wants to follow up with Katherine on Monday.

Ok so that’s the first appointment of the week, in a week that’s already a tad busier than I would like. Cardiology adds yet another appointment to the calendar on Monday because the cardiologist wants some testing done. Tuesday she had physical therapy. Wednesday already had the orthodontist but now gets a renal ultrasound which doesn’t allow her to eat and drink until after the test. All of these items pull her out of school, yet another change to her schedule. And don’t even start me on how stressed she was with the inability to have anything to drink for about 12 hours – ACK!! Katherine wakes up wondering what she’s going to drink – it is one of the most important things in her life next to music. Thursday is psychiatry.

I knew it was going to be hard – I didn’t know it was going to be quite as crazy as it has been the past couple of days. Katherine has been off the wall. Yesterday was just one of those ‘ok when do these behavior plans actually work on the behaviors??!!’ kinda days. I love Katherine’s therapist, think she’s wonderful and encouraging and even has some good ideas. She does role playing with Katherine about how to handle it when the stress gets up and she needs to come off a ledge but as of this writing it doesn’t work in real life yet. I know that it will take time – ok I know it will take a lot of time, over and over and maybe not even then. I can hope tho…..

So to top the week off I get a call while finishing this this morning that Katherine’s had a seizure on the school bus so as if to add to the mystery the question becomes what set this breakthru seizure off. It’s it merely a product of puberty? Is it a product of the stress I just described or the change in her medication? Of course stress is known to be a trigger for seizures but we also know that changing medications – even just a little bit – can send her for a loop so of course figuring out which of these has caused this little addition of chaos to a week already pretty chock full of chaos.

By now you are all pretty much asking what the heck I had in mind when I started this post. The honest answer is I’m sure I did have a point I planned on getting to and the chaos of today alone has sent that thought into deep storage. I’m sure I’ll remember it next week sometime and then again maybe not. Hey maybe the point of this post is to remind all of you you’re not in it alone. We all have weeks with our kids that just make us rip our hair out, think our butt is attached to a car seat, that we spend more time at doctors offices than with our husbands, that our brain is turning to mush listening to the Laurie Berkner CD just one more time in the car and you’re having a panic attack at needing to go to the gas station to fill up the gas tank for the second time this week. And by writing this I feel a little less alone knowing you all know where I’ve been. So I guess the point is – Thanks for letting me share icon smile The post about nothing....kinda like Seinfeld and how entertaining was that?

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