The Sunday Paper for March 16, 2008

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…and a cup of coffee

Every Sunday I hope to offer you my version of the Sunday paper with articles from thecoffeepaper1 The Sunday Paper for March 16, 2008 past week or two, relevant or uplifitng (or both), on various issues within the special needs community.

School’s Basketball team adds special needs children

Middle School Basketball team in California shows what the true meaning of sportsmanship is with inclusive basketball team

No Dental Care for Special Needs Patients

Adult special needs patients in Cork, Ireland are going without even basic dental care because of the lack of anesthesia services

Profile: Melissa Piotrowski teaches music to special needs students

22 year old Melissa Piotrowski takes a love of music and shares it with special needs children

11th Berkshire Disability Day planned

Event is a day of celebration and education to increase community awareness of the accomplishments of those with diverse abilities. Showcase of available services also planned.

Book transports child with special needs

Photography teacher Joe Baltz has his students create a 16 page book starring a child with special needs.

Alzheimer’s, Down’s link sheds light

Researchers at the Byrd Alzheimer’s Center and Research Institute say they have recently learned some important new things about the link between Alzheimer’s disease and Down’s Syndrome

My baby, right or wrong
Woman chooses not to test unborn child for Down’s Syndrome and the reasoning behind her choice

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