What Marlee Matlin taught me by dancing

March 19, 2008 Kyron 4 Comments

I am something of a tv addict. One of the shows I love is Dancing with the Stars. Part of what draws me to it probably has something to do with the fact that for some reason my husband is willing to watch it with me. But I do get some marlee What Marlee Matlin taught me by dancingsatisfaction from watching people stretch outside their comfort zone because lets face it, most people do not have a comfort level with ballroom dancing.

Now we’ve had soap opera, movie and other tv actors and actresses, singers from 70′s music to country to R&B, olympic athletes, football players, comedians, broadway stars, race car drivers and on and on…..a truly diverse group of individuals. Differences aside, there is one thing they all had in common. They could hear the music.

This season Marlee Matlin, youngest woman to win an academy award in the best actress category and more recently seen on The West Wing, The L-Word, Nip/Tuck and Desperate Housewives is trying out her dancing shoes which is all the more amazing given the fact that Marlee is profoundly deaf. I watched last night in sheer astonishment and joy. Look at that girl dance!!! I am certain she feels the rhythm to some extent but she’s really at the mercy of her partner Fabian Sanchez. He must need to give her certain cues to make sure it comes together and there is no denying whatever they are doing is working.

This will be my example to Katherine of never saying “I can’t do that”. Sometimes Katherine is quick to say she doesn’t have the capability to do something.  I feel badly about it because maybe I’ve protected her too much. Yet I try with all my might to open her world to as many possibilities without telling her she can go to Harvard and be a neurosurgeon.

The point is this though. I doubt anyone told Marlee Matlin as a young girl that she could dance. Competition ballroom dancing just isn’t one of the things you typically do if you are profoundly deaf and yet – why the heck not??  I doubt anybody said “Oh honey absolutely you’ll be an academy award actress!”  What I love about Marlee Matlin most is that Marlee does what Marlee wants – not necessarily what she “should”.

What a great role model she is for her 4 children. What a great role model she can be for our children. Proof that if it’s something you want to do by all means you should try. I don’t know about you but it’s a good lesson for me too. Sometimes maybe out of a desire to protect my ‘baby’ (yea my 16 year old baby) I don’t allow Katherine to stretch as far as I should or she could. I think maybe I will be going out to get some dancing shoes. Thank you Ms. Matlin for allowing your actions to remind me of what Eunice Kennedy Shriver said at the first opening ceremony for the Special Olympics:

In ancient Rome, the gladiators went into the arena with these words on their lips: ‘Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt…’

Let me too be brave in the attempt.

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  1. Ruth says:

    What a great post this is – saw it over on Blog[with]tv. I love the positive message. Made my day – thanks.

  2. Kyron says:


    Thanks so much for visiting!! I was so happy to see Blog[with]tv pick this post up and even happier that others are enjoying it. I hope you’ll continue to visit.


  3. I love the message that my three deaf and hard of hearing kids are getting from Marlee too. Marlee has never been one to let anything stand in her way.

  4. Kyron says:

    Welcome to the site! Thanks so much for visiting. I completely agree!! Marlee certainly lives the motto carpe diem!! Seize the Day!


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