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March 27, 2008 Kyron No Comments

Last night I finally got to watch my TIVO’d  recap and results show for Dancing with the Stars (have to make sure Marlee gets through to the next round) and found that what I took from the show wasn’t really anything to do with Marlee although I’m sure she could have said the same thing. It was from Monica Seles who beautiful and talented as she is – God has not gifted her with great abilities in dance. And hey – that’s ok.  She readily acknowledges that this experience has fallen well outside of her comfort zone on so many levels.

A good lesson for us all and one that Marlee has been teaching us with her stint and many of Monica’s fans have learned hopefully as well.

There are things that constantly stretch my comfort levels with Katherine as she grows into a young woman as opposed to the baby I am too often caught up in thinking of her as. Even so there are always things I have to tackle in the short term – things that most assuredly mean that I have to see her as the big girl she is – in the immediate, while remembering that I will still need to adapt big people things to a level at which she can comprehend and cope effectively with so many challenges I still wish I could protect her from for many years yet.

But as so often happens time is marching on. Honestly it’s marching faster than I’d care to see it go and faster than I can sometimes keep up with, especially on crutches (yes I am currently on crutches). Frankly we are so far outside of my comfort zone as I prepare to prepare Katherine for things that are likely outside of her comfort zone, I hope and pray I’m up to the challenge. While I am unlikely to make them all as palatable as dancing, the hope is  that I can make growing in to the extraordinary young woman I know she can be as exciting, enriching, and as smooth a process as humanly possible while minimizing the inevitable pain along the way.

While this isn’t necessarily a task unique to parenting a special needs for me at least I feel like for a child with developmental delays it presents unique challenges and struggles. Obviously Katherine as a 16 year old doesn’t take in things like a 16 year old does and for me the challenge of interpreting those things into 6 year old speak is not always so easy especially when they are truly “grown up topics”. All of this is transitioning Katherine into the more adult world she will spend the remainder of her lifetime in and will need this information and the skills we will be building to cope in a world well beyond her in many ways and in other ways the world could use quite a few more Katherine’s.

So as Katherine and I travel outside our respective comfort zones over the next few weeks and months I’ll do my best to share the ups and downs and the things we’ve learned along the way.

On a side note:

I appreciate you bearing with me the past couple of days of absence. One of these many changes that I will have to be teaching Katherine is about the loss of people you love. I was dealing with my own personal feelings about this the past few days and how I’m going to help Katherine as well as myself through this journey and I appreciate your understanding of my unexpected absence.

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