TiVo® Alert – The Miss USA Pageant

April 11, 2008 Kyron No Comments

I am SURE you are saying are you kidding me with the Miss USA Pageant as a TiVo alert! I however think all of you with little girls may be very happy to have your daughter see MissIA Miss USA TiVo® Alert   The Miss USA Pageant Iowa – Abbey Nicole Curran.  She’s a beautiful, talented, intelligent, self-possessed, young lady who is competing for the Miss USA title tonight. Why am I so interested in Miss Iowa when I am a Georgia resident and  Jersey born well because Miss Iowa has cerebral palsy.Ms. Curran says she wants the judges to know that she is living her dream competing in the Miss USA pageant. She says she also feels she’s not doing it just for herself however but for all people with disabilities hopefully teaching others it’s ok to take risks and that you never know until you try.It’s being carried on NBC tonight so check your local listings. GO ABBEY! 

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