An open letter to Ms. Curran…

April 17, 2008 Kyron 1 Comment

2008 ia miss crown An open letter to Ms. Curran...This is an email I recently sent to Ms. Curran. If you are interested in contacting her yourself (as some of you who contacted me were) you can click here to send her a message. I am sure that she’ll be happy for any messages of support and thanks we send!

Dear Ms. Curran,

I wanted to contact you personally. I wrote about you briefly on my blog – The Special Parent where I talk about being a parent of a special needs child. My daughter is 16 and has multiple disabilities. She recently wanted to understand a bit about pageants because she had been offered an opportunity to participate in Miss Special Teen for our county here in Georgia. Imagine my delight to run into articles about your participation in the Miss USA program. I put it out there on the blog because I was certain other parents of special needs girls (in particular) might be interested in knowing about your inspirational story.

Thank you for representing yourself, your state, and my daughter and thousands of other girls around the country with such beauty, grace and dignity. Thank you also for giving my daughter a wonderful role model for her to emulate. You are someone she can relate to and aspire to be like. I hope you know what a wonderful, powerful and positive impact you are having for so many young woman.

Very Truly Yours,
Kyron Arambula
mother of Katherine McCoy

If you want to see other great pieces on Abbey Curran check out the 2 page spread in People Magazine by clicking here.

You can also view video of Abbey Nicole Curran on the Ellen deGeneres show by clicking here. 

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  1. Eric frank says:

    My name is Eric Frank, I’m from Lake City Ia., currently living in Carroll. I have cp & I would love to know more about your mission because I would like to do something along those lines. Thank you for your time 7 have a Merry Christmas

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