One Shoe Two Shoe Three Shoe Four…

April 19, 2008 Kyron 8 Comments

…five shoe, six shoe, seven shoe – Heavens Sake NO MORE!!!

Sounds like a cute rhyme that preschoolers say to learn their numbers but for me it was a little ditty about buying shoes for Katherine yesterday.

Katherine has never been a shoe horse – when you wear an orthotic, fashion via shoes is never something you really consider. As a youngster it wasn’t so bad, sneakers are sneakers are sneakers – as long as Katherine could get the favorite color of the month it was fine. Then you become a teenager. And every girl has some sweet pair of wedges, espadrilles, pumps, flip-flops or some OTHER fashion must have that would have Katherine falling on her face, breaking an ankle along the way.

Just about a year ago now, Katherine went through a heel cord lengthening. It was a difficult decision but for us – but for Katherine it has been one of the best decisions we’ve made on her behalf. Her gait is greatly improved, her mobility far better than it has been in years. It is because of this that shoes have even become a part of the discussion again. At her checkup this past week she mentioned to the doctor that she wanted “party shoes” and after some discussions about type and length of wear party shoes it was!

So off we went. We needed summer shoes for her anyway. The boots she wears during the winter would soon become oppressive in the Atlanta heat. Katherine can burn through the sole in most sneakers in 2-3 months max. The doctor sent us to a shoe store called McMahan’s in Decatur, GA (which if you need shoes that fit well and are well fit for adults – sorry I don’t think they have children’s sizes, look no further). They were meticulous in their pursuit of the perfect solution for Katherine.

Let me mention at this point that we have known for some time now that Katherine’s feet are not the same size. They have not been for years. The foot that has been affected by her stroke has atrophied and has not grown at the same rate as her other one for many, many years. We have compensated for that by using inserts in her shoe to fill up the space.

This has worked pretty darned well – up until yesterday when the nice (and did I mention patient) man working with us was quick to comfort me in the knowledge that Katherine has stopped growing. (how comforting that is is up to interpretation but that’s a post for another day) He also explained to me that her feet have grown since she was measured in November and her feet are now officially 3 sizes and one width different from each other. We now have a size 6 medium foot and a size 9 wide foot.

If you are doing the math the little ditty I started this post out with is starting to become clear. I would for the record at this time to say what incredible respect I have for parents with 4 children who all need shoes at the same time. I thought I too would have a stroke. I thought when my husband saw the charge hit the card he’d give me whatever stroke I didn’t give myself. . .

Then I looked at Katherine walk in these properly fitted shoes. I literally cried. Not big heaving sobs but little silent tears that just roll down your cheek without notice when the love in your heart just starts to pump the water in your tear ducts. It was the single largest improvement I have seen in her since we made the decision to do the heel cord lengthening.partyshoes One Shoe Two Shoe Three Shoe Four...

Last night my beautiful 16 year old baby young lady went to a school dance in her properly fitted party shoes that had been given a little extra help and a little extra stability by a talented man who lives in the basement at McMahan’s Shoes. My heart was pushing the water out of the tear ducts for a second time that day as I got yet another shot of how very quickly they grow up and relished the feelings I’m sure every “normal” parent feels when their kid goes off to a school dance for the first time.

While she dance the night away I just held on to the pair of shoes that would never know the joy of dancing with my daughter but were worth every dime we spent on them.

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  1. Deana says:

    Congrats on the new shoes, and the first dance!

    This was a great post!

  2. Kyron says:

    Oh thanks Deana! Glad you enjoyed!


  3. Janie says:

    There is a difference of 2 sizes in my son’s feet. I’ve just been buying 2 pair to get one pair of fitting shoes. I am trying to find out if/where I can donate the shoes that do not fit. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!

  4. Kyron says:

    Janie – I’m still trying to find a place as well so I’ll post if I find a place!


  5. Judy says:

    Nonprofit organization, National Odd Shoe Exchange accepts new single shoes.

  6. admin says:

    Wow! Thank you so much!!

  7. K Ryan says:

    I, too, wear split sizes and have since I was a child. McMahan’s has fitted me the majority of my life and I have to say they are well informed and committed to fitting shoes properly.
    Also have exchanged and donated shoes with N.O.S.E when I was buying two pair. Amputees benefit from N.O.S.E as well.

  8. admin says:

    Thanks for the commentary. We loved McMahan’s but I am not familiar with N.O.S.E. – can you give me more information? I have yet another pair of really great mismatched shoes we can’t use just waiting for a great home!

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