Waiting Game part 2

April 30, 2008 Kyron No Comments

frustrated Waiting Game part 2

I swear to God (and I apologize to God for swearing) but for crying out loud! As the years past it becomes apparent to me that sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

Doctor’s Office: This is (Name withheld to protect the guilty) may I help you?

Me: Yes, my name is Kyron and my daughter is Katherine and we spoke several times yesterday and you said you would have the results of my daughter’s abdominal MRI from April 24. As of today I still haven’t received those results.

Doctor’s Office: We still don’t have those results in.

Me: Well you told me yesterday you would.

Doctor’s Office: I plan on calling them again today.

Me: Well, you told me that yesterday. What happened?

Doctor’s Office: I called and they still haven’t faxed the results.

Me: Well you should call them again and tell them you have an incredibly irate parent awaiting these results and beg them to fax them immediately so that you can get her off your back.

Doctor’s Office: I’ll do that right now.

Me: {note terse voice} Thank you.

Off the phone we go and then I call my contact at the facility. I get a name and number of a supervisor. I get assurances it’s been faxed already but they will be happy to fax it again if the doctor’s office will just call and request it. No problem I assure them. I take a name and direct number (I’ve been transferred at this point a couple of times) and thank them for their assistance.

My belief is that it has been faxed and the doctor’s office is pretty much incompetent since this person at the facility pulled everything up in a couple of seconds flat. Of course they couldn’t give me information over the phone because they have rules about that. So here we go again…

Doctor’s Office: This is (Name withheld to protect the guilty) may I help you?

Me: This is Kyron, Katherine’s mother AGAIN. I just got off the phone with the MRI facility and you should call Christine at 404-555-1212 right now. She is expecting your phone RIGHT NOW. She has the information already pulled up – all you have to do is call and give her the fax number. {Inference is that she should be appalled that I am doing her job but it’s fairly obvious that she’s non-plussed}

Doctor’s Office: Oh, ok, I’ll call right now.

Me: Thank you, I’ll call you back in one hour.

Doctor’s Office: Oh, ok.

Would you believe as of 5pm tonight I am STILL chasing this freaking report. My only comfort is that if it was catastrophic I’m hoping that the radiologist would have expedited it.

How come that is such little comfort?

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