Good things come to those who wait….

May 2, 2008 Kyron 1 Comment

Well ain’t that the truth! We’re in the clear on the kidney. Apparently what was seen on thekidney Good things come to those who wait.... ultrasound was some kind of shadow or something and her kidneys are FINE. The past week has been pretty amazing. The thought that there could be something really wrong rocked me to my core.

It made me think about what I would do if it were really bad, what if it were finally something we couldn’t defeat and put in it’s place. There are some special parents who have to face that reality. I think they are probably the most amazing of special parents. The strength it would take to get through something like that…..I don’t think I’d have that in me.

It made me think of an article my husband had pointed out on MSNBC a couple of months ago that kind of ties today with yesterday in terms of posts. It’s a tearjerker so if you’re at all inclined to tears I recommend a box of tissues before you set out to read it (I needed a few). It tells the story of Robbie and his strong parents Jeanne and Steve. Jeanne and Steve found out during the pregnancy that baby Robbie had Trisomy 18 and would not likely live much past birth. While I loved the story of Jeanne and Steve, I believe that what they experienced is not different than what most people will experience during their pregnancy when the medical establishment discover disability in a fetus. I won’t belabor the point but it’s critical that there be a change in attitude and more than one group is trying to do just that for these special parents who are parents for far too short a time. is a good example of the movement to support parents in what must be the most heartwrenching of decisions ever needing to be made. What I like about this is it gives parents a choice. It’s all well and good to say there is a choice, but to say there is a choice which is to terminate or continue the pregnancy with little or no support. No one should have to go through that alone.

There is also an author, Amy Kuebelbeck, who has a book out called Waiting for Gabriel which discusses cherishing whatever life your child has. And isn’t that really the point? Isn’t that what each of us try to do whether our child has 1 minute, 2 hours or 75 years? We want our special kids to make the most of their time here on this earth and with us. These parents don’t have any choice but to make the most of every minute, every second they have with their small, precious bundles.

Thinking there could be something ticking like a time bomb, growing on Katherine’s kidney made me think about things like that – had I made the most of the time we had together? Had I made the most of her life and maximized what she could have done, experienced, loved? I like to think I’ve done a fairly good job….I also think like just about everyone else I could do better. I’ve been given a real gift, one that so many others would kill to have. I want to make sure I don’t waste it. I just hope I remember that feeling. I hope that it doesn’t take something like a potential tumor to make me remember that and be faithful to that.

My hope for those reading this is that they can take this experience and live life as it should be lived – as every moment is precious and should be given it’s all because none of us know when it could all be gone. Today I was blessed. Today I got another moment. I hope you all get many more moments.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Great news! Thanks for another personal, heartwarming and informative post.

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