The Sunday Paper for May 4, 2008

May 4, 2008 Kyron No Comments

This week rather than featuring articles from the news I thought I would single out some simply spectacular posts from Blogging About Disablism 2008. There were so many great posts that were submitted and I’m sure you all didn’t have time to read through all of them. I’ve singled out several in a variety of different categories….if you read one that I didn’t single out I’d love to have you point them out in the comments below. Please understand if you weren’t singled out it’s not a negative to your article but I try to only list between 5-7 articles a week so people have a chance to actually check them out icon smile The Sunday Paper for May 4, 2008

Wheelie CatholicTreating Ablists under the Medical Model using an amazing sense of humor to cover a difficult topic

Parenting Special Needs ChildrenInclusion and the Myth of the Magical Mainstream a MUST read for any parent struggling with mainstreaming a special needs child

SpedChangeMay Day: Retard Theory the specifics of the example may be more extreme than you’d be willing to go but the provoking nature of this article WELL worth the read

Jenelle’s JourneyComing to terms with Normal a beautiful and candid description of being the parent of a child other than “normal”

Kate….UncensoredBlogging against disablism a great rant about prejudice against those with disabilities

Growing up with a disabilityMistaken Identity an amazing article by David who is often mistaken for others….find out why

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