Tropic Thunder producers fail to act – Boycott called for

August 11, 2008 Kyron 3 Comments

Well I’m not surprised…..and I’m sorry about that. Apparently Dreamworks will make no effort at this time to rectify the use of the word “retard” or otherwise ameliorate the negative sterotype being proliferated in the movie Tropic Thunder.

A recent viewing left David Tolleson of the National Down Syndrome Congress feeling “like I had been assaulted” and calling for major action. Timothy Shriver is not only organizing a boycott for LA tomorrow but working to get a condemnation from Congress for the use of Hate Speech as well as calling for further support of the intellectually disabled.

You can read more by following these links:

Those living in Georgia – According to Heidi J. Moore’s Advocacy Mailing List boycott rallies are being organized:

Jennifer Carroll- Former AADD- Partner’s and Policy Making Graduate wants to form a boycott here in Georgia. The movie is going to be released this week on Tuesday/Wednesday. We are looking at having rallies/boycotts at 5 metro Atlanta theaters, as well as, Macon and Augusta (where the movie is going to premier as well).

This is a VERY quick timeframe and need volunteers ASAP.

If you are interesting in getting involved in helping make a difference and educate the community on why this is so important for individuals with disabilities- Please contact Jennifer at . There needs to be a team of volunteers at each theater location.

Please reach out to your local groups of the ARC, Special Olympics etc. to see how you can participate or otherwise support this boycott.

UPDATE: You might want to read this article on MTV where Ben Stiller and Ethan Coen (co-writer) and their defense of this movie. I think the defense makes me even more disturbed icon sad Tropic Thunder producers fail to act   Boycott called for

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  1. Terri says:

    The more Stiller talks the worse it gets. He really does not get it. He made all kinds of extra considerations around the race issues and none around disability.

    And his partner says that because his father had a negative experience with someone with a cognitive disability, negative stereotypes are appropriate…

    Would that be acceptable with any other segment of the population??

  2. [...] public links >> fail Tropic Thunder producers fail to act – Boycott called for Saved by marcusbourn on Thu [...]

  3. movie junkie says:

    Ben Stiller has a track record of doing anything for a laugh (i’m thinking Heartbreak Kid, yuck)

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