There’s rarely an opportunity that I’m at a loss for words. Today seems to be one of them. I received word late last night….while most everyone was reveling in the news that Osama Bin Laden had been found and killed, that a woman who had had such amazing respect and admiration for had passed away. The news literally took my breath away. Lora Sue Lastinger Langley, beloved wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, passed peacefully from her earthly being on Sunday, May 1, 2011. I keep reading that sentence and finding it hard to believe it’s real.

Lora gone? How could that possibly be? Lora had more fight in her than about 100 of me (and that’s saying something). Lora and I met while I lived in Henry County, GA. While I was battling my own disabling RSD, Lora came into my life like – something like a small, smiling tornado icon smile God Bless Lora How could it be that Lora, that whirlwind of energy and love, had left this planet and the earth didn’t immediately knock me to the ground?

Lora had a tireless ability to advocate for our kids. She had strongly held beliefs about inclusion, about fairness and equality, about what amazing contributions our kids make to the greater world. She could be aggressive, and some might have even said abrasive in her approach. I admired that. That not withstanding, she had amazing southern charm and used it to charm people into doing a whole lot of things I told her she’d never accomplish. I LOVED that!

The world of the special needs community in Henry County, Georgia and the greater Atlanta area, is just a little bit poorer for the loss of Lora today. If I take any comfort it’s that it has so many amazing people there working for our kids, and our kids who become adults. God Bless and God Speed Lora.  We will all try to carry on and carry forward your work, and in any small way we can, your spirit and determination. Our love and prayers are with Colby and your whole family.


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