A Day of Normal

May 7, 2011 Kyron No Comments

Katherine has been very lucky. We’ve lived in places that had opportunities for her to participate in activities other special needs kids would kill to get the opportunity to participate in. She’s not only participated in special needs events like Special Olympics and Challenger leagues but even been welcomed with open arms to community theater groups like the Henry Players. At some point I’ll be happy to elaborate on how great it is to have our kids participate and the many benefits it offers them. Today however, as I sit in a hospital room with my daughter on the eve of Mother’s Day, I find myself  thinking what’s nice about her participating in those activities for me.

I have in the past shared my love of the story Welcome to Holland by Emily Perl Kingsley. It reminds you to enjoy the trip to Holland while recognizing that you were expecting Italy and most of your friends are regaling you with stories of the beauty of the land. In a recent article in Florida Today they highlighted the local Viera/Suntree Challenger Leagues competing in the State Tournament. In this article, one of the athlete’s dad says “Here he is accepted for who he is and what he can do, not what he can’t”. A day of normal. This child and by extension their parents have an opportunity to participate in something other parents too often take for granted. Those are the days I live for. When we’re at a horseback riding lesson. When I bought my daughter a dress to participate in the People First of Henry County Special Needs Pageant. When my daughter attended the Brevard County Parks and Recreation Program prom. Proms, pageants and sports are all things most parents can just take for granted as part of the tour of Italy. Holland doesn’t always offer these things, especially in the age of budgetary cuts. We are blessed and these moments of normal help make the trip to to Holland all the more amazing. May you all enjoy your Mothers Day no matter the country you celebrate it in. May it be a day of blessings and “normal” for you and your family.

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