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May 20, 2011 Kyron 1 Comment

Special Education Advisor sm #Follow Friday   Special Education AdvisorThis week since I’ve been in IEP mode and education has been the all consuming activity,  I thought I’d feature the website Special Education Advisor.  I think aside from working on my own blog the majority of my week has been either dealing one on one with kids or reading the Special Education Advisor and devouring all I could on all those foreign terms – IEE, Due Process, RTI. I have a few letters I’d like to throw at the school right now but I digress icon smile #Follow Friday   Special Education Advisor Dennise, Doug and a whole community over at SEA provide an invaluable treasure trove of articles on definitions, acronyms (those pesky letter combinations) transition planning, law, definitions and so much more. If you can’t find something on their site they even have a premium membership for the cost of $24.95/month which allows you to ask questions and get an answer within 48 hours.

If all the great information on everything related to IDEA, FAPE and more weren’t enough to make you rush to click on the link let me tell you that subscribing to their newsletter (there is a box for this on the front page of the website for this) will get you even more great articles and information… some of which is not directly related to Education but are fascinating and  relevant like this recent article on Neuroplasticity. Honestly, it’s amazing to me this treasure isn’t more widely known. I hope this recommendation goes a little way towards rectifying that and giving parents dealing with the public education system an excellent resource to avail themselves of.

Special Education Advisor

on Twitter at @SpecialEdAdvice

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    Thank you very much for this post. I appreciate your kind words and I’m glad you found us.

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