Electronic Record Keeping and Dropbox

June 8, 2011 Kyron No Comments

dropbox 300x102 Electronic Record Keeping and DropboxDropbox is what they call “cloud” storage.

Before Medefile started with educational records, I had boxes full of records. Medical records, legal records, school records, tax records. I mourned the poor trees. But even worse than mourning the trees, I mourned any storage space I had in my home. If there was an open nook or cranny it had a storage box filled with papers. I finally broke down and bought a scanner and an external hard drive. Slowly but surely I regained storage space, but the problem was the trees were still being killed. Anytime I needed to take one of those records with me or have access to them when I didn’t have access to the external hard drive I was either out of luck or I was printing it back out again. Pain in the —! And then my world changed…

I discovered Dropbox!

Anyone who has ever been to an IEP meeting knows you are guaranteed to come home with a at least a small mountain of papers between parental rights and the actual IEP. Anyone who has ever been to an IEP meeting also knows at the next one you are almost certainly going to need to refer back to that last IEP and maybe even the two before that. Well what was the point of scanning all of those IEP’s in when I was just going to have to print them out again?? But I have a husband who LOVES tech. Absolutely everything tech. And I think he feels it’s his personal responsibility to be an early adopter of all things techie.

Hubby: “That sounds like you should be using Dropbox”downloading3 Electronic Record Keeping and Dropbox

Me: “What? I just got it all out of boxes??”

Hubby: No. Not boxes. Dropbox. It allows you to access all your stuff from anywhere…..even off your cellphone”

Me: “SHUT UP! Like Dropbox.com?” Probably costs a small fortune

Hubby: “Uh would I tell you about it if I was going to have to pay for it?”

Me: “SHUT UP! It’s free too??”

Hubby: “and even you can install and use it. It’s just that easy”

Me: “SHUT UP!”

Well you get the idea….it is free and so simplistic my kids could install and use it. You get 2GB of storage to start with (and you would be surprised how much you can store in 2GB) or you can add to your storage in a number of ways:

  • connecting your dropbox to your Twitter account
  • connecting your dropbox to your Facebook account
  • following dropbox on Twitter (@dropbox)
  • tell dropbox why you LOVE them icon smile Electronic Record Keeping and Dropbox
  • referring your friends and family to dropbox – probably my favorite one because I’m doing BOTH myself and my friend a favor

giftbox 150x150 Electronic Record Keeping and DropboxYou can email your friends, Tweet your friends or Post it on facebook for all your family and friends to see. Everyone who uses your referral link, downloads the software and installs the dropbox software will get you both 250 MB of bonus space (up to a limit of 8 GB)! I love win/win scenarios. Of course you can buy additional space under one of the upgrade plans if you find you want or need significantly more space. (Plans are for either 50GB or 100GB of storage)

All of this storage will give you access to your documents, photos or videos via any computer - Windows, Mac, or Linux, as well as iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms.

The other thing I love is that I can make a folder within dropbox (no different than making a folder on your desktop) and share it! So I don’t have to share EVERYTHING I have stored up there but we have a box that the hubby and I share documents, photos, videos – you name it to get things between my computer and his. We also share pictures and videos and documents to the grandparents who no longer live a mile away.

I love medefile because they go out and do the gathering of medical records for me but if I wasn’t able to do that I would certainly use dropbox for this as well. I wish it had been around years ago for videos and pictures so I could have more easily shown those to doctors of behaviors Katherine was exhibiting. One time we had to actually bring a 13″ tv with built in VCR to the doctors office. I like the idea of travelling with my iPhone or iPad better. There are just an incredible number of things you can use this for…just think outside the box.

Under full disclosure the link I have provided right here to Dropbox contains my referral link. While I won’t get PAID, I wouldn’t mind getting some additional storage… I’ve got some IEP meetings coming up icon wink Electronic Record Keeping and Dropbox In all seriousness however, I wrote this review/recommendation of Dropbox without any request by Dropbox or anyone affiliated with them and without any financial incentive whatsoever.

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