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A4CWSN shows you the best apps for our kids and how they work

Apps 4 Children with Special Needs (A4CWSN) is a site that has recently caught my attention in an effort to work on some things with Katherine and Donovan during summer vacation. I wanted to get some apps to put on my iPad so that I could “Edutain” them. I wanted apps that would work on specific skills, without either one of them figuring out we were actually getting something out of it. I hoped that by using the iPad (which they both covet immensely)  I could convince them to do something other than play angry birds and solitaire icon smile #Follow Friday   Apps 4 Children with Special Needs (A4CWSN)


A4CWSN #Follow Friday   Apps 4 Children with Special Needs (A4CWSN) 

Descriptions of Apps on the whole just S – - -!

Of course the people who are making apps want you to buy them, so they are going to do the best they can to put their apps in the best possible light in the description. Of course there are other apps that are made by people who clearly don’t have a marketing bone in their body and it shows in the descriptions they provide for their apps…TOTALLY USELESS!  What’s worse is you’re sitting there wondering if you’re about to spend $2, $5, $10, $200 on an app that isn’t going to do what you thought it was going to do – and apps aren’t technically returnable (not that if there’s an error they won’t make an exception but I wouldn’t want to rely on that too often) so what’s a mom to do? And quite frankly I was beginning to wonder until I came across Apps 4 Children with Special Needs. They post VIDEOS showing exactly what the apps do as well as descriptions that actually describe something so you can get an accurate idea of what the app is going to do or not do. Apps can be found either alphabetically or by the following A4CWSN categories:

  • Alphabet
  • Art
  • Books
  • Colors
  • Creative Play
  • Flash-cards
  • General Education
  • Geography
  • Math
  • Numbers
  • Special Needs
  • Spelling
  • Time

A4CWSN Facebook App Party and the iPad giveaways

If actual reviews and videos demonstrating all the apps that can be useful to our kids isn’t enough reason for you to check out this fantastic site, you should really be jumping for joy when I tell you about their Facebook App Parties and iPad giveaways! Hurry over to the A4CWSN site by clicking on the link for Facebook App parties and read everything there, review the video and “like” them on facebook and get involved right away. It will be going on all weekend. The first part of this App Party starts tonight at 6pm EST and will go on all weekend long. With an incredible collections of companies providing apps in this there should be something for everyone. I hope you’ll join us.

As for the iPad giveaways…..truly amazing what A4CWSN is trying to do getting iPads into the hands of kids with special needs.  As posted on their website:

Apps for Children with Special Needs would like to provide iPads to as many families dealing with Special Needs as we possibly can. We will be starting a campaign to raise money as well as contributing money from the site in order to do this.

All you have to do to be eligible is register with A4cwsn, follow us on Twitter and / or Facebook then send us a letter detailing why your family needs an iPad and how it will help you. There will be a list compiled and the ones we feel could benefit most will be moved to the top. The more information you give us, the more we can determine your situation, photos, videos, school reports, what ever you feel comfortable telling us. Simple and easy to do. To get started register with us on the HOME page 3/4 down left side and watch this page for details on the list.

If you can’t tell I think really highly of this site and I hope everyone takes this opportunity to check them out and see all the amazing things you can find for your kids either on iPhone or iPad. If you don’t have one of these amazing iPads – here is your opportunity to try and get one which I can tell you will be an incredible blessing on so many levels.

If you are already so blessed to have an iPad in your family take a moment and consider donating to A4CWSN’s fundraising to help pay for iPads for those not as fortunate by clicking here. Every little bit will help.

I hope you’ll follow A4CWSN as they continue to grow and assist the special needs community utilize this tool and all the apps that are coming out to help our kids grow and learn and maximize their amazing potential.

Website: http://a4cwsn.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/a4cwsn

Twitter: http://twitter.com/A4CWSN

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