Disability and Special Needs News for June 12, 2011

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Disability and Special Needs News for June 11, 2011


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Every Sunday I hope to offer you my mini version of the “Sunday paper” with articles from the past week or two, relevant or uplifting (or both), on various issues within the disability and special needs community.

The Special Parent Time Capsule

Early Intervention for children with special needs DOES Matter!

I have had two drastically different experiences in early intervention, yet with much the same outcome. Those who would seek to under or completely defund early intervention programs are being what my mom would call penny wise, pound foolish. Special needs kids do benefit from them and better yet, those who have access to early intervention have significantly better outcomes.

Inspiration Disability article of the week

Monica & David documentary Explores Marriage with Down Syndrome

A documentary will air in October on HBO chronicling the lives of Monica and David over the course of their marriage and first year of life. Oh and by the way, they have Down Syndrome. Love conquers all and the very honest depiction of how this relationship impacts the entire extended family.

Hot News topics in the disability and special needs world

Autism’s New Venture Capitalists

And as autistic children grow older, parents are increasingly asking, Who’s going to help my child after they graduate from high school and I’m gone?  Two women are tackling the issues with an innovative idea, and borrowing a page from financial types to do it – Laura Slatkin and Ilene Lainer are autism’s venture capitalists.

Summer Safety Tips from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

All kids, typical as well as special needs can’t wait for summer! However, along with school vacation, warm weather and outdoor sports comes an extra dose of responsibility for parents. Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 14 in the U.S.

From around the special needs blogosphere:

Hopeful Parents

I’m That Mom

No I didn’t write this article but a mother of a few children with special needs who could be me did and I had to share it with you. I was so happy not to be the only one who screwed up on all of this (for which my ex-mother-in-law is perpetually reminding me of my shortcomings with a glancing “oh I know this is just how you are and I’ve just come to expect it”) So there! It’s not just me…are you that mom too??

Hartley’s Life with Three Boys

12 Ways to be a Better Parent

When you are a parent of any child, let alone a child with special needs, these reminders are a handy thing to have. I could use at least one of them every single day. From a reminder to forgive, play and of course love there’s 9 other great ones for you to use in your journey as a special needs parent.

The Writing on the Wall

The Inclusion Debate

I read this column and honestly was kind of surprised. Maybe I haven’t discussed the inclusion issue for our special needs kids too much (but I intend to now) on this blog, or maybe the only people reading this agree that inclusion isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for everybody (Sorry, Lora) but I found that having the view from a mom who has been there, and done that was useful. I hope all of the special needs parents reading will find this insight helpful as well.

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  1. rosemaryo says:

    don’t have a website to call my own but have been browsing around to see what other moms like me are doing to deal with the challenges in their lives and their special needs children.
    wanted to share this one that has struck me becuase it’s a mom with a severely disabled child like i have

    look forward to visiting here a lot

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