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How to Love Medical Records

May 12, 2011 Kyron No Comments

A few years ago I wrote a piece about Medefile. As a matter fact it was probably one of the first pieces I did on this blog (January 2008). Medefile is a fee based service which helps gather medical records, digitize, organize and store them online – giving you access to these records 24/7/365, anytime, …

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AbilityPath.org holds Facebook Community Chat

May 9, 2011 Kyron No Comments

Ability Path is an online community for parents of Special Needs children and professionals who work with them. Combining Social Networking features and expert content from a panel of educators, parents, therapists and other medical professionals, Ability Path’s mission is to build a community that brings together professionals and parents of children with special needs …

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A Day of Normal

May 7, 2011 Kyron No Comments

Katherine has been very lucky. We’ve lived in places that had opportunities for her to participate in activities other special needs kids would kill to get the opportunity to participate in. She’s not only participated in special needs events like Special Olympics and Challenger leagues but even been welcomed with open arms to community theater …

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ADAPT members arrested protesting proposed Medicaid cuts

May 4, 2011 Kyron 4 Comments

Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes its a firefighter running into a burning building that everyone else is running from. Sometimes it’s a mom who bravely holds down her child while a nurse sticks yet another needle into them, just because they know it’s needed. Sometimes its a person or a group of …

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God Bless Lora

May 2, 2011 Kyron 13 Comments

There’s rarely an opportunity that I’m at a loss for words. Today seems to be one of them. I received word late last night….while most everyone was reveling in the news that Osama Bin Laden had been found and killed, that a woman who had had such amazing respect and admiration for had passed away. The news …

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Pretty is as Pretty does

June 19, 2009 Kyron No Comments

This week and next we’re getting ready for Katherine’s participation in the Mr. & Miss Special Henry County Pageant. She’ll be competing in the teen division. We have the obligatory new dress and new peek-a-boo toe shoes (yup two pairs – thanks Zappos for having them on sale!). We had a *process* done to our …

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