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Where to start getting supports for your special needs child – Part 1

April 13, 2015 Kyron No Comments

I’ll start by saying that I know what a hard road this is. Finding resources for you and your child, and more importantly fighting them, will not be an easy task. There are a number of programs available, and there isn’t a one size fits all model, unfortunately. Services available vary, sometimes dramatically, depending on …

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Glee Stars lend their voice to End the Word!

May 24, 2011 Kyron No Comments
Spread the Word to End the Word

Glee…YES, I absolutely consider myself a GLEEK! Proudly, I hold up my fingers in the glorious *L* and count myself among they loyal losers People who haven’t watched Glee may think it’s about a bunch of teenagers in show choir at their local high school who just get slushies thrown in their face because like …

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Confronting cruel, shameful and rude behavior

May 18, 2011 Kyron 3 Comments
© Marie-Thérèse GUIHAL - Fotolia.com

Yesterday, when talking about Donovan’s IEP, I admitted that I avoid confrontation. Well I said I actively avoid situations involving confrontation. Frequently I wish I was more the person I was in my youth….ready to slay the dragons. Maybe moving out of New Jersey has softened me over the year. I think it’s why I …

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Postscript to Flying without an IEP

May 17, 2011 Kyron 2 Comments

Yesterday was a complete whirlwind of activity. My husband and I had been discussing going without an IEP for weeks and feeling any number of feelings – ill, morose, crotchety, anxious, unconvinced, fearful, and overall just tense about the whole scenario. I can honestly say I just KNEW it was the wrong decision.  I do …

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ADAPT members arrested protesting proposed Medicaid cuts

May 4, 2011 Kyron 4 Comments

Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes its a firefighter running into a burning building that everyone else is running from. Sometimes it’s a mom who bravely holds down her child while a nurse sticks yet another needle into them, just because they know it’s needed. Sometimes its a person or a group of …

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God Bless Lora

May 2, 2011 Kyron 13 Comments

There’s rarely an opportunity that I’m at a loss for words. Today seems to be one of them. I received word late last night….while most everyone was reveling in the news that Osama Bin Laden had been found and killed, that a woman who had had such amazing respect and admiration for had passed away. The news …

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Pretty is as Pretty does

June 19, 2009 Kyron No Comments

This week and next we’re getting ready for Katherine’s participation in the Mr. & Miss Special Henry County Pageant. She’ll be competing in the teen division. We have the obligatory new dress and new peek-a-boo toe shoes (yup two pairs – thanks Zappos for having them on sale!). We had a *process* done to our …

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