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AbilityPath.org holds Facebook Community Chat

May 9, 2011 Kyron No Comments

Ability Path is an online community for parents of Special Needs children and professionals who work with them. Combining Social Networking features and expert content from a panel of educators, parents, therapists and other medical professionals, Ability Path’s mission is to build a community that brings together professionals and parents of children with special needs …

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A Day of Normal

May 7, 2011 Kyron No Comments

Katherine has been very lucky. We’ve lived in places that had opportunities for her to participate in activities other special needs kids would kill to get the opportunity to participate in. She’s not only participated in special needs events like Special Olympics and Challenger leagues but even been welcomed with open arms to community theater …

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National Healthcare Reform and individuals with special needs

May 12, 2009 Kyron No Comments

I was pleased to receive notice about a speech an amazing woman, Julie Beckett, gave recently to a group in Madison, WI (I am so going to have to get up there someday with the excuse of visiting my brother) Julie is mother to Katie, who contracted viral encephalitis when she was 6 months old. …

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Katherine Update…

January 13, 2009 Kyron 2 Comments

Just felt so wonderful about how many of you either posted or emailed me about the G-Tube and I really appreciate all the kind words of hope and support. Katherine returned to school this morning – a bit sore but over all doing well. The feedings so far seem to be going pretty well. The …

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Not a Happy New Year

January 3, 2009 Kyron 2 Comments

New Year is a time when people are celebrating new beginnings, making resolutions and looking forward to the year that is coming. It is probably in this vein that the John Travolta/Kelly Preston family went to the Bahamas with family and friends this weekend. Which makes Friday’s events so devastatingly tragic. Parents should just never …

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Twas the night before the night before Christmas

December 23, 2008 Kyron No Comments

and all thru the house the only quiet was that one little mouse! And that’s because he couldn’t get a word in edge wise for all the ruckus from excited children! It’s pretty amusing actually – It’s the first year that our youngest actually gets it and Katherine is quick to show her vast knowledge …

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Caregiver Study at Kennedy Krieger

September 14, 2008 Kyron 3 Comments

Thanks to Johanna Mattern Allen for forwarding this information to me. Kennedy Krieger has a special place in my heart. It’s a hospital in Baltimore, Maryland which is only for special kids like ours. They are located within the Johns Hopkins campus and have an incredible wealth of talent available to them. Because of this, …

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