Tropic Thunder producers fail to act – Boycott called for

August 11, 2008 Kyron 3 Comments

Well I’m not surprised…..and I’m sorry about that. Apparently Dreamworks will make no effort at this time to rectify the use of the word “retard” or otherwise ameliorate the negative sterotype being proliferated in the movie Tropic Thunder. A recent viewing left David Tolleson of the National Down Syndrome Congress feeling “like I had been …

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Hate Speech and ‘Tropic Thunder’

August 9, 2008 Kyron 2 Comments

Oh it’s being covered everywhere but honestly my head has been buried in the sand dealing with the first week of school here. (yea – we end early too) so I’ve just been reading along and if you haven’t catch up by clicking on these links here: Tropic Thunder – Once Upon a Time…There was …

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Edith Maxant – beloved cousin

July 30, 2008 Kyron 4 Comments

I grew up blessed to have a fairly extensive family network. As with any family some were closer than other for a variety of reasons usually having to do with geography. One of my fonder early memories was visiting cousins in Ayer, Massachusetts – especially Cousin Edith. I was pretty young, I kind of knew …

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Just In Case

July 21, 2008 Kyron 2 Comments

I just spent the past week at Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta – Egleston on 5West (big shoutout to the great staff there!!) Katherine developed what we believe to be acute (rather than chronic) pancreatitis. And if that wasn’t enough to cause this poor kid enough insane pain to break my heart she also had a …

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What right to flight?

June 26, 2008 Kyron 1 Comment

As Good Morning America played in the background of our morning chaos yesterday, I quickly hit the record button on the TiVo. A parent and her toddler who is autistic were forced off an American Airlines flight. The mother took a train up to New York City to appear on the show. I’ve watched it …

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Summertime Planning

June 25, 2008 Kyron 2 Comments

I was checking in on some of my favorite blogs today in my spare time (yea right) and found this clever tip that I just had to share with all of you. I thought this was a brilliant idea to give visual cues to our kids on changes in routine! Why didn’t I think of …

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Glasses for Children with Down Syndrome

June 20, 2008 Kyron 11 Comments

I came across this on one of my listserv’s and thought it was useful information for some of you. Hello, my name is Maria Dellapina and I am writing to inform you about an opportunity to enhance the lives of the children we spend our lives advocating for. I am a mother of an nine-year-old …

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