Extreme Makeover Home Edition – The Luther Family – Therapeutic Horse Riding

January 20, 2008 Kyron No Comments

Oh I have goosebumps!! We’ve not only moved that bus but today we got to move that horsefreedomhills Extreme Makeover Home Edition   The Luther Family   Therapeutic Horse Riding trailer as well!! I think the Luther Family is amazing. I am so happy that EMHE has decided to help them. To watch people who have devoted their lives as the Luther’s have to helping our special kids and family members get some reward for that effort was truly amazing.

The Luther family runs a therapeutic horse riding facility. I love this. I know the impact this has for these children and their families first hand. This past fall, Katherine started riding in a therapeutic program and actually trained for the State Special Olympics.

Katherine is a different person on a horse. Things that would frustrate her she does without issue. Things that she never would have tried, she’ll try. There is a sense of calm and joy that just is pervasive.

Katherine rarely uses her right hand. Hey, if it was as hard for me to use my right hand as it is for her, I doubt I’d use it very much either. She works to grab rings, hold reins, and numerous other things. If you have the opportunity to involve your child in a program like this – regardless of their disability – I can’t recommend it highly enough!

If the children the Luther family get a tenth of what Katherine gets from the experience, the team at Extreme Makeover Home Edition will be pleased to know what a profound impact their build will have on that family, their riders and that community. What a blessing! Welcome home Luther Family! Welcome Home!!

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