Pity Party moments

January 25, 2008 Kyron No Comments

Ever woke up and just wanted to stay in bed and have a pity party for lil ole you? weightworld Pity Party momentsOk well maybe I’m not as spunky as all of you but I do wake up and have days like that. Today was one of those days. I just felt overwhelmed. Ok that’s not quite true – I felt OVERWHELMED. I actually do better under total crisis than lots of little issues that are adding up. Right now we just have a bunch of persistent mid-level issues which are combining together to be the big 1-2 punch. Obviously I got out of bed, but it took some effort. Ok, that and a 2 year old who was letting me know about the poop in his diaper icon wink Pity Party moments

In all seriousness though, I have some tricks that I’ve developed from years of having this issue intermittently. Maybe some of them will be useful to you.

  • My top 10 list – I’m no David Letterman but I come up with a quick 10 things at the top of my head which I count as blessings. Some days I lump family & friends together, other days to get to 10 I name them individually. Something about making it to ten and realizing there are people out there who don’t have so many blessings in their life make it easier for me to cope with what God served up for me today.
  • Break it up – when I think of all the things sitting on the plate that need to get done in a single day it’s EASY to get overwhelmed. When I make a to-do list and prioritize it that helps. Now I get two different mental highs – one from completing quality and one from quantity. Quality means knocking off a task that I rated as high importance. If I only get that one thing done though it can still leave me overwhelmed so I try to either break that one task into it’s elements so I’m completing multiple tasks within one bigger job or I look for a couple of tasks on the list that I can multi-task while I’m doing the bigger job (run a load of wash while I write a blog entry, fold a load of laundry while I’m on hold with a bureaucrat fighting for Katherine’s services) and now I’ve gotten several things done which makes me feel like I’ve accomplished more. The other thing breaking it up lets me do is get real. Sometimes I try to put too much on my plate because I think I need to be supermom. Putting it down on paper lets me get real with myself about what actually needs to be done TODAY – and put the other stuff to the side.
  • Visualize – I think about how it will feel when I get it all accomplished. I let myself revel in that feeling for several minutes – then I go about recreating it by accomplishing.
  • Force a smile. – Yup I lie in bed and FORCE myself to smile. Something about doing that for 5 minutes actually does make a difference. I know I’ve heard something about the science of the frown vs. smile but I just know for me it’s frequently the jumpstart I need.
  • Let Go and Let GOD – You may not all have a specific belief system or you may be a born and bred staunch Catholic, Baptist, LDS, Hindu on and on but whatever your belief system believe this. There are things you can not control. Life happens. Accepting that is one of the hardest things to do. I struggle daily. If I remember that someone is there helping me get through no matter how hard it gets I can remember how much harder it could be without Him. I’m not advocating a specific faith but a spirituality and higher being who is with you on this journey. No matter how rough the road gets – throw it back up to Him and he’s ready to catch and hold on while you need Him to. The saying is Let Go and Let God and it goes along with my mother’s favorite which was God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. Occasionally I think she was not entirely right about that which is when I let him know that I appreciate His faith in me but I need a little extra help. Sometimes I say that silently in a prayer – sometimes I scream OK IT’S OVERLOAD HERE at the top of my lungs. icon smile Pity Party moments It makes everyone around me look and laugh, including myself and then I find things lifted off my shoulders. Be careful you listen for the response. It doesn’t always come the way you think it will. Today it came in the form of my friend Laurie coming for a cup of tea and taking on the dishes in the sink and entertaining Donovan for an hour so I could type this up icon smile Pity Party moments Yup – she is always on the list of blessings!

Do you have one thing that helps you lift up and pull yourself out of the pity party? Share!

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