The Special Parent Book Review: Louder Than Words by Jenny McCarthy

February 2, 2008 Kyron No Comments

I decided to read Louder than Words without reading a single review on it. Not easy given the amount of publicity it was getting. I just didn’t want my personal opinion of louder than words The Special Parent Book Review: Louder Than Words by Jenny McCarthythis book to be swayed by someone else. I’m not sure what drew me to this book other than it was from the perspective of a mother. Since my child is not autistic I wasn’t sure what else I would get out of it other than that empathetic feeling you get when you hear another special parent talk about (write about) their struggle. You know that struggle, no matter how different, it’s so similar you feel a bond as thick as blood.

Louder than Words starts out much like I would have expected. It outlines this mom’s journey to discover what was causing her son’s symptoms. Despite Doctors telling her that her son had epilepsy, she knew in her heart that there was more to it than that. It is here that the story evolves into her quest to uncover the truth and how to maximize her son’s potential and “Bring him through the Window”.

The book is an easy read. Jenny McCarthy’s wit and personality shine through and make this book a real page turner. I was totally engaged.

As I read on I felt like it was missing something. There were no big “ah ha” moments for me in terms of what I would have thought of as tips and tricks for parents of autistic children. A nibble here and there maybe but nothing that up and smacked me in the head like wow – now THAT’s information kinda thing. Fear not however, Jenny McCarthy does have a “pamphlet” chapter at the end that outlines many topics she alludes to in her tale of triumph with her son Evan.

As I struggled toward the end to figure out how to sum up why I liked this book even though it wasn’t at all what I had expected going in, Jenny McCarthy helps me summarize it precisely.

It’s not a book about autism. It’s a book about faith. It’s the story of a mother who believed anything was possible and never stopped looking for answers.

And in this regard it is a MUST READ in my book. Its raw candor and irreverent humor make it fun to read, but the way in which this story is told makes it truly inspirational for any mother or father who, like Jenny McCarthy, believes anything is possible for their child. It will make you energized and ready to go out searching for answers for your child too.

The Special Parent will do a book review monthly from a variety of genres that are of relevance to the special needs community.

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