No “Spring” in Moving Forward

March 7, 2008 Kyron 2 Comments

Oh have mercy it’s that time again – Daylight Savings Time. Oh like everyone I don’t necessarily mind gaining an hour of sleep, but losing an hour – ugh! Even worse is I know it will take a week forspring forward No Spring in Moving Forward Katherine to adjust to the change. I don’t know about you but even after all these years I still don’t have a perfect way of dealing with this change.

Since it will impact Monday morning’s school routine, I’ll have to start working on it today – I probably should have started days ago inching things back but for some reason it just crept up on me. It really stinks because Katherine definitely looks forward to weekends without the alarm clock – quite frankly so do I!

Unfortunately that won’t happen this weekend. I can’t send her through the shock that will come from trying to get her up on Monday morning without some preparation. Suddenly 6:45 will be 7:45 and she will have missed the bus which really means that I’ll be asking her to get up at 5:45 as far as her body is concerned. I’ll be inching her bedtime back as well to help her make up sleep on the back end.

Hopefully these two things will get us through although it’s likely going to be a rough week as we all adjust. I can only pray that it doesn’t send her too far off the deep end. Have you found anything that helps your child adjust to the time change (short of moving to Arizona which is not an option icon wink No Spring in Moving Forward )? If so please share!!

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  1. Deana says:

    What’s working for us is Max still being 7 hours ahead of time…hahaha! He finally slept through the night last night and let us sleep until 7:30 this morning, we’ve been getting up at 4:30 since arriving back home! Jet-lag is a killer…so one hour difference won’t be too bad!

  2. Kyron says:

    HAHAHA I wish I could have just done the whole jet lag thing! Maybe I would at least be happy for the time in another location other than a car going to a doctors office or these four walls :) Basically everyone here is upside down from the change – ugh!

    Hope your trip home was a safe one!


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