In Memoriam…

April 9, 2008 Kyron No Comments

melissa In Memoriam...

On March 29th I shared an article that was published in National Geographic Kids site. It was about this remarkable young woman Melissa who wrote about being a normal teen who happened to have an extra chromosome. I thought it was a remarkable testament not only to what a remarkable young woman she was – but to her parents as well. What I didn’t know at the time I shared it was that this beautiful soul was in the middle of a fight for her life.  A fight against leukemia which she lost on Monday morning.

Melissa Gaffney’s blog post from Monday was sent to me and I wanted to share this news with all of you who were no doubt touched by Melissa Riggio. The world is a better place for having her here if only for those short 20 years. Please visit Ms. Gaffney’s blog to see the entire post on her passing.

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