Not a Happy New Year

January 3, 2009 Kyron 2 Comments

New Year is a time when people are celebrating new beginnings, making resolutions and looking forward to travolta Not a Happy New Yearthe year that is coming. It is probably in this vein that the John Travolta/Kelly Preston family went to the Bahamas with family and friends this weekend. Which makes Friday’s events so devastatingly tragic. travolta Not a Happy New YearParents should just never outlive their children. While there is no certainty to the cause there is a lot of talk about Kawasaki’s Syndrome (KS) which Jett had as a child. But there is also talk of Jett having a seizure in the shower and then being there for some time before being found. Of course it’s new and the details are incomplete. Apparently there is even a rumor that Jett was autistic but this has been denied by John Travolta (it should be noted that scientology, the religion practiced by the Travolta’s, does not recognize autism as a disorder).

All the speculation can be done by someone else at some other time. I think at a time like this we’re all special parents – because no matter what all our children are special. Jett Travolta is only a bit younger than my daughter Katherine. My daughter is sleeping, breathing in her bed tonight. Her younger brother is in the next room letting out some very cute baby noises while he sleeps.  Jett is not with his family. It is not natural, not normal, it’s not even fathomable.

I’m not a big “resolution” person per se…mostly because I used to have all these good intentions – but my follow-thru was fairly lacking…like many people icon smile Not a Happy New Year My new years tends towards reflection rather than idol promises that I’ll inevitably bail on 2 weeks in. I had already had some thoughts about this past year. It was a rough one on so very many levels. Katherine’s bouts of pancreatitis, her behaviors, my own struggles with RSD – I wasn’t going to be weeping as 2008 left. Because of this I felt like I had lost some of the joy of my kids. No – I’m not meaning the rosy Carol Brady “I never cook, have a maid and my children are beautiful and annoyingly perfect in every way” kind of joy. I am talking about that every day joy of savoring your kids victories, the simple observations they can make which just make you belly laugh – unless you are too caught up in being overwhelmed in the every day. And then a news report like this catches me like an avalanche in snow country.

For the Travoltas there is an abyss they must struggle to pull themselves out for the sake of their other child, Ella, who will also be struggling to cope with the loss of her big brother. For the rest of us watching the news on this it could be a blip on the screen, a moment of silence as a fellow parent for those whose suffering that you can only imagine. I would emplore you to make it one more thing. I would ask you make it the impetus for taking time each and every day – even if it is only a few minutes to savor your children.

We all spend time with our kids each day – we feed them, clothe them, bathe them, get them to and from school, doctors, therapists etc. This isn’t the part I am talking about. I’m talking about making sure at each point you try to get to their level, to watch the world with the wonder your child has for it. To truly LISTEN to what they have to say – no matter how mundane you may think it will be. Sometimes its so crazy busy we get into a rote pattern with what has to be done – eating, bathing, for some of us medications, therapies and that’s only their stuff! Its times like this where some high profile individual loses a child that we need to make very sure that that death was not in vein. I think one of the best ways to honor the life of that child is to make sure that your child benefits from it. Let them benefit by having some truly special time each and every day with you.

Each day is precious and you never know when it will be the last one. Don’t make it a time of regret for all that could have been…take today to make memories that last a lifetime, and beyond.

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  1. Stacey says:

    I agree with your post, I am trying very hard this new year to slow down and value the little things, the laughter of my children, the wonder in their eyes, I am even trying to find value in their constant QUESTIONS–

    Patience is a virtue, and I need to have more!
    Nestle Quick here I come!

  2. Kyron says:

    If you find a way to find value in the constant questions please share that ;) Patience IS a virtue – one I struggle with daily :)

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