American Idol 2009

January 13, 2009 Kyron 1 Comment

Oh you know it – I’m in heaven – It’s American Idol time again and I too can revel in the sublime to the ridiculous that they have in contestants. It’s a new season and they are starting in Phoenix. I haven’t decided on this new judge, Kara. Right now she seems like the “sane” Paula. As for contestants fairly unimpressive group and then you know it’s coming -  the “story” of the night. His name is Scott McIntyre and he’s a piano player and a singer with a real Coldplay sound who GRADUATED college at age 19 – oh did we mention he’s visually impaired??  He sang one of my favorite Billy Joel songs and I thought really brought his own sound to it.

Sometimes I worry about this however – did they pick Scott because he’s token disability boy or is he going to be given a fair shot? Only time will tell but he was truly talented. They said they gave out over 20 yellow tickets – if what they showed so far was any indicator of the talent pool this season Scott’s a top 10 entrant…..Obviously it’s early – but I’d love someone with a disability who has TRUE talent – which Scott clearly does – be able to go through and show to everyone how people can and should be judged on their merits not their challenges.  I look forward to seeing how this goes once we get to Hollywood! Go Scott!

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  1. Stacey says:

    I was just getting ready to post that I also watched AI and I thought that Scott was the BEST!!

    I was really annoyed by the bikini girl… AAGH!!

    AI helps me remember to take life a little bit less seriously!

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