Confronting cruel, shameful and rude behavior

May 18, 2011 Kyron 3 Comments

Fotolia 11040362 XS 150x150 Confronting cruel, shameful and rude behaviorYesterday, when talking about Donovan’s IEP, I admitted that I avoid confrontation. Well I said I actively avoid situations involving confrontation. Frequently I wish I was more the person I was in my youth….ready to slay the dragons. Maybe moving out of New Jersey has softened me over the year. I think it’s why I so admire people like my friends Terri and Denise. They never seem to be unwilling to take something or someone on if they feel a wrong has been done. (of course they haven’t left NJ….so maybe that has something to do with it icon smile Confronting cruel, shameful and rude behavior )

I also find people online who are worthy of that respect and admiration. People willing to go out there and take on people who think that judging people and how they act, parent or otherwise conduct their life is worthy of mockery. Now please don’t misunderstand, I think it’s necessary to judge some behavior – when it’s reckless, and potentially puts a young life at risk. Botox in a child not even into double digits to help them compete in a beauty pageant comes to mind. But we are frequently hard pressed to find someone willing to talk out about intolerant, rude behavior. Over the weekend I became aware of a someone I have long admired online had been willing to once again put herself out there and take on another website whose whole purpose was to trash “talk” and picture kids in strollers who she had determined the child was too big to be riding in. highlighted this site. They thought it was hilarious! They felt it spoke to “the grating trend in overbearing parenting culture”. Then the Today Show started the question Too Big for Stroller or Too Judgy about parents. The woman who runs the “Too Big for Stroller Blog” (I’m not linking it here but you can get it by visiting any of the articles I link to within this) admits she’s not a parent – I think that’s what really started my indignation with this site. I think the other thing that upset me was how vivid my recollection was of desperately HUNTING for a stroller large enough to fit Katherine in. We got this HUGE jogging stroller that would allow Katherine to ride in a stroller until she was at least 8 and maybe even 9. I remember being reticent to give it up when she was 10 but I didn’t want to pay to move it to Georgia. Katherine’s low tone just made it a huge struggle to do anything that involved any extended walking and a wheelchair wasn’t something she needed full time or that I could afford to invest in. I guess I was being mocked and ridiculed all those years and I didn’t realize it. I have to say though what Julia Roberts (no, not that one…the other Julia Roberts of and Support for Special wrote about this particular website was so honest and candid  I couldn’t begin to replicate it but I think it is so important to share it. Terri Mauro of did too! Julia’s response also included this great Facebook page – Just Right for Stroller. If you have pictures you want to submit, she’d love to see them!

Hey, I get comedy….ok at least I think I do even if my husband might disagree. icon wink Confronting cruel, shameful and rude behavior Frequently the funniest comedy is created by commentary on real life. That being said, comedy is a balancing act, a fine line. Cross that line and it ceases to be comedy and is just rude, hurtful and often cruel commentary. Plenty of comics will tell you they KNOW when they have crossed a line and the further over that line the harsher the reaction. I’ve heard the girl running this blog is upset over the backlash. Yup. Nuff said.

My other gut reaction is that when you ok intolerance in one instance, it has the effect of excusing further intolerance. And that’s how bigotry and hate grow. What a great thing Julia did by saying NO – I won’t let it go unchecked, unchallenged. I hope we each take a step in that direction. Letting people be themselves and loving humanity for the beauty of diversity what an amazing world that might be. Naive possibly. But if I am I plan on living with that naiveté. Its how to create the best world for my kids to live and thrive in.


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  1. Thanks for sharing what a wrote about the Too Big for Stroller blog. I’m still a little shocked that someone can mock parents AND KIDS without thinking, knowing and understanding what is really going on!

  2. Denise says:

    Oh, sweetie, I *so* admire you for taking on the dragons—you do, you just don’t know it. Most days I’m faking it just like everyone else. Love ya!

  3. Our Mom Spot says:

    This is an awesome blog post.

    Keep fighting those dragons!

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