25% of parents with Special Needs children have to significantly reduce hours or stop working

March 15, 2008 Kyron No Comments

25% of parents with Special Needs children have to significantly reduce their role at work or stop working. A ‘recent’ survey (2005-2006) by the Health Resources and Services Administration which is a part of the US Department of Health and Human Services found that 14% of  all US children had special needs. Children with Special …

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The post about nothing….kinda like Seinfeld and how entertaining was that?

March 14, 2008 Kyron No Comments

This is one of those weeks in the life of Katherine that makes you wonder if you’ll make it to Friday. To be fair she has really had a good run of appropriate behaviors so the fact that this week is adding to her stress level really is no surprise. I do what I can …

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The mess in New York brings new light to the man in second place

March 11, 2008 Kyron No Comments

Ok, I may be a Georgian at heart now but by birth I am a Jersey girl (yup I grew up just north of the Bada Bing) so I’m following with interest what is currently going on in New York State. Oh obviously the fact that a man once compared to Elliot Ness makes the …

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Peer mentoring in preschool benefits all

March 10, 2008 Kyron 1 Comment

Children with, without special needs paired by program, to benefit of both Last week I wrote about how I thought that peer mentoring programs could benefit children by diminishing the possibility of bullying or harassment by other peers. This article in the Daily Press, a Virginia paper, highlights a program in York County utilizing this …

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8 hour meals….(*apologies to Rachael Ray) Slow Cooker Lasagna Edition

March 9, 2008 Kyron No Comments

As the parent of a special needs child I am frequently out and on the road at doctors appointments, IEP meetings and after school special activities. Rachael Ray may be the queen of the 30 minute meal – I’ve become the queen of the 8 hour meal! The crock pot is my hero! I throw …

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The Sunday Paper for March 9, 2008

March 9, 2008 Kyron 2 Comments

…and a cup of coffee Every Sunday I hope to offer you my version of the Sunday paper with articles from the past week or two, relevant or uplifitng (or both), on various issues within the special needs community. The case for increasing the number of Medicaid waivers Opinion piece eloquently explaining the need for …

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March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

March 8, 2008 Kyron No Comments

Brain injury awareness month March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Not all of our children are born with special needs, some of them develop them in relation to unfortunate circumstances. Some of these circumstances are as unavoidable as they were unfortunate. Others are all the more unfortunate because with education and safety measures could have …

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